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Some new features in our website this month

(6 votes)

We want to enhance the user experience in writing and speaking test module so this month we offer some new features below


01 Jul 2020

IELTS testing resumes in 39 countries

(6 votes)

The IELTS partners very much appreciate your support and patience during these unprecedented times. As you know, we have responded as best we...


03 Jun 2020

Collocations about personality

(30 votes)

Today, we are about to share with you some phrases and expressions about personality. We hope that this post will be useful for you.

28 Apr 2020

IELTS Indicator is ready now

(12 votes)

We’re excited to announce that IELTS Indicator is now open for bookings!


24 Apr 2020

Which universities accept IELTS indicator?

(8 votes)

As IELTS Indicator is not a full IELTS test it is not accepted by all organisations. Before you book, be sure to check with your university or...


17 Apr 2020

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