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23 millionstudents
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Why should you study IELTS ONLINE with IOT

Modern Learning Platform
We have developed our learning platform using the latest in technology and have created a comprehensive IELTS Academic 4-skills course with the help of a highly experienced team of IELTS teachers and examiners.
Over 120 Countries
IOT is used in more than 120 countries. We collaborate with renowned experts in education to offer top-notch learning services.
14 Years of Experience
Since 2008, we have been helping millions of students worldwide reach their learning goals due to our 14 years of experience.

Who is it for?

People who feel that learning in a group is not effective.
  • Want to learn one-on-one with a teacher to get direct instruction and feedback.
  • Need a teacher to monitor your progress and remind you to stay on track.
Those who are having difficulty managing their study time.
  • Want to learn one-on-one so that you can arrange your study time according to your needs.
People who just want to practice certain skills.
  • Haven't figured out the best way to study that fits your capabilities.
  • There is a clear difference in scores between the four skills.
People who need to take an exam in short time.
  • Take real exam right after studying.
  • Need to plan an effective studying schedule to achieve target score.

Course Detail

Take advantage of the various learning materials offered by IOT to hone your skills and get ready for exams.
The course content can be adjusted to suit the student's abilities throughout the course.
Receive feedback after each lesson.
Practice the necessary skills in depth according to the needs of the student.
Teacher will provide a course plan based on the needs and abilities of the students after the first lesson.
Practice strategies that can be applied right away during the real exam.

Overview of IELTS 1-1 Course

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Course Features

Flexible class schedule
Students can arrange their classes to fit their personal schedule.
Latest IELTS exam trends from international experts.
Join us for free IELTS Live Lessons each week, taught by IELTS professionals from the UK.
Smart learning platforms

You can easily view and download learning materials, join online classes, and practice IELTS skills on the platform anytime.

Take tests that cover all four skills and get feedback from teachers.

Exclusive course materials

Our exclusive course is written by Jamie - a former IELTS Examiner and is based on the Expert IELTS book.

It is constantly updated to keep up with the latest exam trends.


100% experienced IELTS teachers with top overall band scores. Our teachers have completed intensive training workshops and carry out regular demonstration lessons with our examiner team.
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About Us

InterGreat Education Group
IELTS Online Tests is a high-quality website belonging to InterGreat Education Group - a prestigious educational organization with 14 years of experience in online learning and study abroad in over 120 countries with 23 million students.
Official partnership with British Council and International Universities.
IOT is a trusted partner of the British Council and more than 300 top universities, including the University of London, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Council of British International Schools, and University of North Texas,...


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