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Our YouTube channel is now live

(5 votes)

We have got ourselves a YouTube channel, now you can watch all the past and future webinars on there!

03 Jun 2019

What is the IELTS Speaking Assessment Criteria?

(1 votes)

Knowing the assessment criteria for your Speaking test is the first step to achieving a high score. Let's take a look at the details.

17 Apr 2019

Recent IELTS Webinars - January & February 2019

(3 votes)

Did you miss our weekly webinars? No worries, here are some of the recent webinars with lesson slides. More to come, stay tuned!

22 Mar 2019

How to book IELTS in the UK? A simple guide to book your next exam.

(2 votes)

How do you book an IELTS in the UK? It is actually quite simple if you know where to begin, here is a simple guide for it.


13 Mar 2019

Here Are 378 High Frequency Words in IELTS Listening

(19 votes)

Knowing what kind of vocabulary to expect in IELTS listening can greatly improve your performance in the actual exam. Come and see if you know...

Listening Tips, Recent Actual Tests

08 Feb 2019

What to do when retaking the IELTS test

(9 votes)

Many candidates say that they find it very difficult to retake the IELTS test: they feel they have already done what they were supposed to do...

Recent Actual Tests

08 Feb 2019

Required IELTS Scores at UK Universities

(4 votes)

What are the required IELTS scores to study degrees in the UK? Take a look at the requirement for some of the UK universities to get an idea!


07 Feb 2019

When and where can you take IELTS in 2019?

(2 votes)

When can you take IELTS? Where can you take it? Find out yours here.


05 Feb 2019

IELTS Remark - What you should know and what you should do

(2 votes)

Not getting the expected IELTS score? Have a read and see how you might be able to change that with IELTS Remark.

Recent Actual Tests

04 Feb 2019

What to do if you forget what to say during Speaking Test?

(3 votes)

Remember that awkward moment where you can't think of what to say next and keep staring at the examiner? How can we avoid this?

Speaking Tips

30 Jan 2019