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  • 1. Launched in over 120 countries and designed by our Academic Manager - a former IELTS Examiner from the UK with more than 12 years of experience teaching.
  • 2. Applying the latest developments in EdTech to help you easily achieve 6.5+ in IELTS.

Why study IELTS ONLINE with IOT?

Modern Learning platform
Our learning platform is developed using the best and latest in learning technology, working with a strong team of experienced IELTS teachers and examiners to create a comprehensive IELTS Academic 4-skills Course.
Over 120 countries
IOT is popular in over 120 countries. We work with leading experts in the field of education to provide world-class educational services.
14 years of experience
With 14 years of experience, we have helped millions of students worldwide achieve their learning goals since 2008.

Is this course suitable for me?

Difficulty studying in groups

Want to directly communicate with teachers

Struggle to learn independently

Need help to manage and encourage the learning process

Unable to follow a fixed schedule
Schedule classes based on your availability
Want to focus on particular skills
Having trouble finding the right learning method.
Taking the IELTS test soon

Want to take the IELTS test after the course

Already set target scores and test dates

Need an effective study plan to achieve your target scores

How it works

After the first lesson, your teacher will suggest a study plan based on your level and expectations.
Use the IOT learning resources bank to practice specific test skills and apply different test strategies.
Receive feedback after every lesson on our learning platform.
Receive tailored tuition based on your strengths, needs, skills, and interests.
Practice specific skills intensively based on your requests.
Learn test strategies before trying them out in authentic tests.

From the author of the course

Course features

Flexible learning hours
Schedule classes based on your availability
Latest IELTS Test questions
from international experts
Attend weekly free IELTS Live Lessons presented by
IELTS experts from the UK
Smart learning platforms

Easily view and download learning materials, join online classes and practice IELTS skills on the platform anytime.

Take regular 4-skill tests and receive detailed feedback from teachers.

Unique course materials

Designed by Jamie, a former IELTS Examiner, and based on reliable IELTS resources.

Updated with the most recent IELTS questions.

Our IELTS expert team

100% native, highly qualified IELTS teachers with high overall band scores and certificates like TEFL, CELTA, DELTA,...
Our teachers have completed intensive training workshops and carry out regular demonstration lessons with our examiner team.

About us

Intergreat Education Group
IELTS Online Tests Vietnam is a high-quality website belonging to Intergreat Education Group - a prestigious leading educational organization with 14 years of experience in online learning and studying abroad in over 120 countries with 23 million students.
Official partnership with British Council and International Universities.
IOT has been a reliable partner of the British Council and more than 300 top-leading UK Universities, including the University of London, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Council of British International Schools, and Univerity of North Texas,...

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