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How To Improve Your Pronunciation

(56 votes)

If you are learning the English language, accurate pronunciation is very important. Regardless of how good your English is grammatical, it is...

Speaking Tips

07 Dec 2020

What to do if you forget what to say during Speaking Test?

(110 votes)

Remember that awkward moment where you can't think of what to say next and keep staring at the examiner? How can we avoid this?

Speaking Tips

04 Dec 2020

5 minute face to face interview

(46 votes)

What happens within the first 5 minute face to face interview of the IELTS Speaking Test?

Speaking Recent Actual Tests

24 Aug 2020

How to practise IELTS speaking on your own?

(42 votes)

It is very important to take up the speaking practice test before you attend the actual test so that you get your desired score in the speaking...

Speaking Tips

19 Aug 2020

Collocations about personality

(26 votes)

Today, we are about to share with you some phrases and expressions about personality. We hope that this post will be useful for you.

28 Apr 2020

How to Utilize 1 Min Given Before Speaking Using the Cue Card?

(28 votes)

As you know, you get 1 minute of time for preparing your cue card in speaking test part 2 (i.e. cue card section). How do you utilize this time?...

Speaking Tips

15 Sep 2019

Our YouTube channel is now live

(34 votes)

We have got ourselves a YouTube channel, now you can watch all the past and future webinars on there!

03 Jun 2019

30 Words That Can Be Confusing Even To Native Speakers

(184 votes)

Have you ever come across some words that just simply confused you? Let's take a look at some of the words that even a native speaker might find...

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29 Jan 2019

Latest IELTS Speaking Cue Card with analysis and Model Answer

(15 votes)

Here is a detailed analysis of one of the latest ielts speaking cue card that appeared in 2017. We have worked out the analysis by giving...

Speaking Recent Actual Tests

07 Dec 2018