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10 Important IELTS Reading Tips

(36 votes )

Every candidate feels that the IELTS Reading test is tough and they have a very short amount of time to answer a large number of questions on...

Reading Tips

01 Dec 2018

How to Find the Right Keywords in Reading Comprehension?

(8 votes )

Reading is often perceived as a challenge in IELTS by many students. But if proper reading strategies of skimming and scanning are adopted, this...

Reading Tips

20 Nov 2018

IELTS Reading Tips (Previewing & Skimming)

(4 votes )

One of the main difficulties experienced by candidates doing the IELTS Reading test is they do not have enough time to complete the test. It...

Reading Tips

09 Nov 2018

How to Do Short Answer Type of Questions in IELTS Reading?

(2 votes )

Short answer questions are perhaps the easiest questions in IELTS reading exam. In these questions, you are to give your answers in one word...

Reading Tips

07 Nov 2018

How to Do Summary Completion Type of Questions in IELTS Reading?

(2 votes )

Summary completion question in IELTS reading is one of the difficult questions. Usually, you find this type of question in Section 3 but it may...

Reading Tips

04 Oct 2018

How to solve the question type "Diagram/Flow Chart Completion" in IELTS Reading

(1 votes )

Task description You are presented with a diagram/Flow Chart which shows some information from the text in picture format. There are labels...

Reading Tips

18 Sep 2018

How to Do Yes No Not Given Questions in IELTS Reading?

(0 votes )

Yes no not given questions are similar to true false not given questions. The tips for yes no not given questions are same as you need to keep...

Reading Tips

10 Sep 2018

2 IELTS Reading Tips Which Will Get You Band 8

(16 votes )

Getting Band 8 in IELTS reading is a difficult task but not impossible. For achieving 8 Band, you must concentrate a lot and have a prior sound...

Reading Tips

04 Sep 2018

How Well is Your Trainer Training You for IELTS Reading Academic?

(1 votes )

  There are many IELTS training institutes with a number of IELTS trainers. You might be already enrolled with an IELTS trainer or thinking...

Reading Tips

02 Sep 2018

Top 15 Reading Tips by an Expert IELTS Mentor

(5 votes )

Reading module is a challenging module in IELTS for many. When the Academic reading passages are lengthy and based on scientific topics involving...

Reading Tips

25 Aug 2018