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IELTS tip of the day

Since Indian students are writing and speaking in English with Indian accent, with not much exposure to foreign accent, it can be the cause of s...
1.analogy 2.analysis 3.analyze 4.annotate 5.anticipate 6.application 7.apply 8.approach 9.associate 10.assume 11.assumpt...
Many students often make mistakes in writing some words incorrectly as they are ambiguous about their spellings. Committing spelling errors can...
Below we share with you ten tips that will help improve your pronunciations 1. Decide on the option of English English has different ways of pro...
Why use IELTS Online Tests?
Take recent actual IELTS Tests

Take recent actual IELTS Tests

Real IELTS Listening and IELTS Reading tests based on actual IELTS tests and following the Cambridge IELTS book format.



Created by our community of IELTS teachers, previous IELTS examiners and IELTS exam takers.

Comprehensive analytics tool

Comprehensive analytics tool

Our IELTS Analytics is a tool that allows you to set a target IELTS band score, analyse your progress and find how to improve.

View IELTS Score and Answer Explanations

View IELTS Score and Answer Explanations

After taking our IELTS mock tests with real audio, you can check your Listening or Reading band score and view your answer sheets.

FREE to use

FREE to use

Our online IELTS tests are always free. We are here to help users for study abroad, immigration and finding jobs.

Increase your IELTS band score

Increase your IELTS band score

Using our online tests for IELTS preparation is proven to help students improve by 0.5 - 1.5 .

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Our IELTS tests features

IELTS Locate and Explain

Our unique feature allows users to “Locate” the answer within the passage and “Explain” why that answer is correct. Our community love this feature!

Mock IELTS Band Scores

Once your practice test is submitted, your band score will be calculated automatically corresponding with the number of correct answered questions. We use our huge database of students and actual IELTS test results to benchmark tests.

IELTS Side by Side

IELTS reading passage and question paper are organised side-by-side to provide more convenience and a better testing experience. It's like having the two papers on your desk.

IELTS Question Palette

A user requested feature that can help you navigate quickly between questions. Spend more time improving your score and less time searching for questions.

IOT Analytics

A brand new feature allowing IELTS test takers to track their IELTS learning and achievement progress. View all data like average IELTS band scores and time spent. It even shows what type of questions you need to improve on and for which elements you need to study more.


IELTS Online IOT has reached extensive cooperation with overseas institutions, international education non-profit organizations and IELTS test bureaus to provide a brand new IELTS learning platform for IELTS students around the world.

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