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How to learn a new word effectively

How to learn a new word effectively

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It’s time to think out of the box! Let’s learn in a creative way as follows:

Step 1: You can make a box like the image below

Step 2: On each side of the box (inside), you can write down the synonym, antonym, example, description and put it into a contextual sentence.

You can even draw something so that it can make you better memorize the new word.

For example, you want to learn the word: BENEFIT, this box will turn out to be:

+ Synonym: profit, advantage, gain
+ Antonym: damage, harm, disadvantage, downside
+ Describe it: something that is advantageous or good
+ Example: I had the benefit of a good education | For maximum benefit, take the tablets before meals.
+ Draw it: the tick icon (V) can demonstrate for it (from my point of view) because it normally is used when something is correct or good.
If you don’t like to draw, you can write the word family, such as: Beneficial, Beneficially, Beneficient

Step 3: Wrap the box and write the new word outside the box

For example, you will write a big word BENEFIT outside it, so that you can open the box if you forget the meaning, antonym, synonym…


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