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How does IELTS Indicator work?

(3 votes)

You can take this test from your home - there’s no need to visit the test centre.


16 Apr 2020

How to fetch high marks in listening test?

(174 votes)

Below are the few tips that you can practice before, during and after the listening test and these tips will help you to fetch high marks in...

Listening Tips

15 Apr 2020

33 Words of Love & Affirmation

(6 votes)

Happy Valentine’s Day!


13 Feb 2020

How to Utilize 1 Min Given Before Speaking Using the Cue Card?

(29 votes)

As you know, you get 1 minute of time for preparing your cue card in speaking test part 2 (i.e. cue card section). How do you utilize this time?...

Speaking Tips

15 Sep 2019

IELTS online courses

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Improve your English and prepare for tests, such as IELTS reading, writing, speaking and listening with our online courses.


13 Jun 2019

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Buying things on the Internet, such as books, air tickets and groceries,...

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Recent IELTS Writing Topics and Questions 2022

Read here all the newest IELTS questions and topics from 2022. If you...

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110 IELTS Words, IELTS Vocabulary List

Below is 110 common IELTS Words.

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378 High Frequency Words in IELTS Listening

Knowing what kind of vocabulary to expect in IELTS listening can greatly...

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IELTS Reading Forecast Questions in 2022

To be well-prepared for the IELTS test (both IELTS Academic & IELTS General...

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