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What would Differentiate you from the Other Candidates while Attempting the Speaking Task?

(89 votes)

  What would Differentiate you from the Other Candidates while Attempting the Speaking Task?   A large number of candidates appear...

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Writing task 2 for Band 7-Essay Evaluation

(154 votes)

  Here is the recent exam Essay Writing Question appeared in Writing task two.The answer has been evaluated and a model answer is specified. A...


Writing task 2 Question-Essay Writing Evaluation for Band 8

(96 votes)

Going on with the new series, here’s one more Essay Writing Evaluation question.The question as appeared on the cue card is ‘Social...

Writing Tips


How to Crack Section 3 of IELTS Listening?

(80 votes)

IELTS Listening module consists of 4 sections viz. Section 1, Section 2, Section 3 and Section 4. Out of all these sections, Section 3...

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IELTS Academic Reading Practice #1: How Pterosaurs- a prehistoric predator took to the skies

(6 votes)

IELTS Reading paper-based Oct 29th, 2022

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No IELTS required to study at university in the UK!

(2 votes)

Do you want to know how to study a master's degree in the UK with no IELTS requirement? Which universities require no IELTS? We have the perfect...

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Top học bổng thuộc 10 trường đại học danh giá nhất trên thế giới

(5 votes)

Du học còn đem lại nhiều nguồn kiến thức hiện đại, tân tiến và giàu tri thức tới bạn. Chính vì vậy, IOT Việt...



How To Improve Your Pronunciation

(200 votes)

If you are learning the English language, accurate pronunciation is very important. Regardless of how good your English is grammatical, it is...

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What's the difference between a phrasal verb and a collocation?

(29 votes)

By definition, phrasal verbs are collocations (two or more words that “go together”), but not all collocations are phrasal verbs.


What to do if you forget what to say during Speaking Test?

(175 votes)

Remember that awkward moment where you can't think of what to say next and keep staring at the examiner? How can we avoid this?

Speaking tips


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Three things you must get right in IELTS Listening

1. MAKE NOTES AS YOU LISTEN Imagine that you are listening for the

Listening Tips97,468

IELTS Reading Tips (Previewing & Skimming)

There are a few main skills that you will need in order to do well in the IELTS

Reading Tips85,676

How to Do Flow Chart Type of Questions in IELTS Listening?

You may come across flow chart type of questions in IELTS listening exam,

Listening Tips54,866

5 Penalty Areas for Indian Students in IELTS Listening

Since Indian students are writing and speaking in English with Indian

Listening Tips61,864

How to solve the question type "Diagram/Flow Chart Completion" in IELTS Reading

Task description You are presented with a diagram/Flow Chart which shows some

Reading Tips55,569