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Recent Exam Question in IELTS Speaking Part 1 (Leisure Time)

Recent Exam Question in IELTS Speaking Part 1 (Leisure Time)

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A student submitted the following questions asked to him in his IELTS speaking part-1 section. First read the question, answer yourself and then read the sample answer below to compare your response with it. You can also record your voice to better analyse your speaking. Part 1 of IELTS speaking test hardly lasts for 4-5 minutes. Now, you can go ahead attempting the following questions:
IELTS Speaking Part-1
How do you spend your time in the evening?
In the evening, I love to play music and listen to some old Bollywood songs from my favourite song collection. It just refreshes my mind, keeping me away for a while, from tension arising due to the daily routine work. I think it is a good leisure activity that makes you stay away from everyday’s stress.
Do you do this every evening?
Not every evening but most of the times, I prefer to listen to my favourite songs. However, whenever I find some work to do at home in the evening, I avoid doing this. Apart from that, I sometimes like to stroll around the city along with my friends whenever I don’t get a chance to go for a morning walk.
What do you like to do in the weekends?
On Saturday, I often go for watching movies along with my family members but on Sunday, I do not like to do any activity outside and I rather play games with my kids. Nowadays, it is really essential to devote some time for your kids and this is the reason why I prefer spending time with them.
Is there any difference in your life now from when you were a child?
Absolutely yes, there are huge differences! Since I am now a married person with kids to take care of, I do not get enough time for fun and entertainment related activities. But when I was a child, I always used to play games with my childhood friends outside my home in a large playground, for example, we used to enjoy playing cricket vigorously. Moreover, life used to be tension free but now, it is full of stress.
You may use the following words or phrases for the above types of questions asked in IELTS Speaking Part 1:
Talking about likes/dislikes, applicable to present situation:

  • I love to…………………….
  • I prefer to…………………..
  • I often go for………………..
  • I do not like to do……………
  • It is really essential to ……..
  • I do not get enough time for……
  • I think it is a……………….

Specifying reason for your likes/dislikes:

  • Due to………………………………..
  • This is the reason why I………….
  • Not every….but most of the times

Talking about your interests/habits/likes/dislikes in the past:

  • I always used to…………………
  • We used to…….but now………..



  • However/Moreover/Apart from that
  • Absolutely/definitely/surely
  • Vigorously/extensively
  • Devote/spend
  • Huge differences/big differences
  • Fun and entertainment activities
  • Leisure activity/free time activity
  • Essential/important/crucial
  • Stroll around the city/walk around the street




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