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Actual tests in May 20th, 2023 Writing Task 1 (paper-based): Map

Actual tests in May 20th, 2023 Writing Task 1 (paper-based): Map

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You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The maps below show the changes of a school from 1985 to present time.

You should write at least 150 words.



The map displays the layout of a school in 1985 and now. 

Overall, it is obvious that a great number of new facilities have been constructed in this school to cater for the needs of the growing student population.

In 1985, with a students’ population size of 1500, the school used to have a rectangular car park and a road located in the north of the school. In the eastern part of the school, there was a classroom block with two levels. A large playing area was situated in the southern part of the map, and to the west of the school, there were some buildings including an office, a library, a small car park, and a small classroom block.

At present, the population of this school has increased significantly to 2300. The car park in the north remains but its size is slightly smaller. To the west of the school, the classroom block has been renovated with the addition of the third storey so as to accommodate a substantially increasing number of students. The playing grounds in the south have been redeveloped to make way for a brand new pool and fitness centre. On the left of the school’s layout, the small car park has been demolished to construct some new classrooms, and the library has been converted into a learning resource centre with a computer room.

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