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Recent Exam Question asked in IELTS Speaking Task 2 & 3 in May 2017

Recent Exam Question asked in IELTS Speaking Task 2 & 3 in May 2017

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Recent Exam Question asked in IELTS Speaking Task 2 and IELTS Speaking Task 3 on 6th May 2017.

Question asked by the Examiner for IELTS Speaking Task 2:

IELTS Speaking Cue card

Topic: Punctuality

Talk about a punctual person you know. Please say:

  • Where you know him/her from?
  • What does he/she do to keep the track of time?
  • Why do you think punctuality is important?

Sample Answer for IELTS Speaking Task 2 according to IELTS Band 7:

“I would like to tell you about one of my professors in the university. When I was doing my post graduation, she used to teach Micro Economics in my class. Her name was Ms. Asha Tanwar. She was very strict and punctual.

She used to wear a watch and that was her way of keeping track of time. She may forget many a things, but I had never seen her without her watch. Besides being a good teacher, she always taught us that time is priceless, nobody can own it but you can use it to the most.

I believe that punctuality is very important in life. If you start your day on time, it puts you in a positive frame of mind. Not only this, it also helps you to develop a sense of responsibility and opportunities only come to those who respect and value time. In conclusion, I would say that punctuality is the soul of success.”


Discussion for IELTS Speaking Task 3 based on the above question asked:

Question 1. Can you describe yourself as a punctual person?

Answer. Well, I always try my best to be on time. However, living in a city where traffic is an unavoidable problem, it becomes difficult to be punctual. But I strongly believe that no excuse can help you escape from the principles of life. So, I set my schedules keeping punctuality in mind.


Question 2. How do you feel when people keep you waiting?

Answer. I think it’s not at all a good thing. But sometimes we need to know the reason behind a particular incident. If a person is always not on time, it means he is not able to manage time accurately. Especially it is not acceptable professionally. But if it’s a personal appointment, I normally take things at ease.


Question 3. Do you feel bad if you are late?

Answer. I feel awful because I know it disturbs people. So if I am late due to any reason, I first apologize and try to make up for it.




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