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Recent Exam IELTS Writing Task 2: Advertising

Recent Exam IELTS Writing Task 2: Advertising

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Here is a recent question  that appeared in IELTS writing exam. In this article we will provide you the model answer to the question along with the important vocabulary and phrases in the passage.

The question as quoted in the Writing Section II in the IELTS Writing Exam

Some people say that advertising encourages us to buy things that we really do not need. Others say that advertisements tell us about new products that may improve our lives.

Which view point do you agree with?

Analysing the question we see that it is about advertisements and if they are needed or are misleading for a consumer. According to the demand of the question you need to stick to one viewpoint and write about it.

Before going ahead to read the model answer, we would recommend you to write the answer to the question yourself. Then go ahead to read the model answer to get a better idea.

The model band-7 answer:

In a literal sense, advertising is an art of showcasing a product to its future consumers. When a company or a person advertise a product he is conveying how the product would benefit the consumer with its unique and best features. Since the inception of consumer markets merchants have been using advertising and marketing to sell their product and increase their reach to maximum consumers. I am in absolute discord with the statement that advertising insists people to buy things they do not need. In my view, advertising is a key tool in the market mechanism and can benefit customers and ultimately merchants in several ways like spreading awareness, increasing competition, discourage monopoly and help the overall economy.

Advertising has helped and is continuing to help spread the right information and makes a consumer cognizant of what is available in the market. It helps drive the competition upwards benefitting the end customer by getting varied options to choose. For example, when ‘Colgate’ came in the market as the first toothpaste, consumers did not have any other option other than Colgate until other companies like ‘Close-up’ started advertising their product. This resulted in a boost in the competition which ultimately slashed the prices of the product. Thus, Advertising plays a very important role in engaging the end customer such that the buyer gets the best worth of what he is spending. While a consumer is the end target and beneficiary of any product produced by a merchant, a consumer is also the best judge of the decisions he takes in terms of what he wants to buy. In my opinion, it is inappropriate to blame the advertising for an increased consumer spending. To curb the unnecessary spending both people and government have to work collectively. People need to be wary of their spending and pay heed to their finances by managing them smartly. A government can play its part in authorising and monitoring the right contents to be published to the public. Hence, right and smart advertising can help a nation and its population in great ways by exploiting the benefits of advertising.

To draw the conclusion, barring a few disadvantages Advertising can be used as a tool to enhance the growth of an economy by increasing the spending, bringing the right products to the consumer, boosting the competition. Even Government can use smart adverts to make people aware of managing their finances and increase financial literacy. All in all, I would recommend healthier advertising to benefit the consumer, merchant and ultimately the world economy.

Important Vocabulary and Phrases

  • showcasing
  • inception
  • discord
  • mechanism
  • monopoly
  • cognizant
  • wary
  • healthier advertising