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5 minute face to face interview

5 minute face to face interview

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What happens within the first 5 minute face to face interview of the IELTS Speaking Test?

Speaking Test is the shortest one out of the 4 tests, and that often makes you feel like you don't have enough time to prepare or to brainstorm ideas.
Here we will break down to you the structure of the first 5 minute so you can visualise what you can talk about and practice beforehand. 😉
  • Introduction: First of all, the examiner will ask you to tell your name and show your passport.

  • Part 1 - Set 1: After you introduce yourself to the examiner, you will be asked 3-5 questions on one of these topics: work, studies, home, family, interests etc.

  • Part 1 - Set 2+3: You will be asked 3-5 questions on 2 further everyday topics, such as studies or clothes then some unsual topics such as robots or flowers.
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