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Types of topics covered in IELTS speaking task.

Types of topics covered in IELTS speaking task.

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The main reason for people to score a lower band in IELTS speaking task is when they don’t follow the methodology that needs to be adhered too. This methodology will be covered in this segment. You also need to understand that vocabulary, grammar and coherence play an important role in evaluation.

To practice better, there are only a handful of topics that you need to go through for preparing for IELTS speaking task.

What is expected from you?

In IELTS, your speaking skills is graded as they need to know if you can communicate and understand what is asked of you in English especially when you go to a native English speaking country.


You are supposed to understand the question and answer it without going off topic. So even if you speak fluently and you talk about something other than the question then you will end up scoring less.

For example: The question asked is, “where do you live?” in reply some would say “ I am from Hyderabad.”

The above answer is grammatically correct but it didn’t answer the question.  You could be from Hyderabad but you could be living in Australia.

Do say “I reside in Hyderabad.”

Notice the change of words that was used in the question “live” was changed to “reside”. This is yet another example of using better vocabulary.


In non native English speaking countries, people are more likely to use simple English when they communicate but this custom has to be avoided when giving the speaking test. You have to use better words to describe the question.

For example: For “I mean to say…” say “I intend to say…”



Your speech has to be linked via connectives that enable you to keep the listener engaged.

As you have to use connectors, to have that continuity maintained throughout you speech, so that even you don’t switch from topic to topic.



For instance: “I slept at 6” could be said as “I was sleeping at six…” or “I went to sleep at 6.”


The list of the topics:

In IELTS speaking task, various cues are created based on handful of IELTS speaking topics. Let’s take a look at the different topics on which questions are frequently asked in all the three IELTS speaking tasks.


The topics that are dealt with in this section are general in nature. Topics that you are likely to encounter in your day to day life like newspapers, and magazines.

  • Hobbies
  • Studies
  • Hometown
  • Work
  • Food
  • Magazine & Newspapers

The cue card given in IELTS speaking task 2 is divided into the most common types of topic. These IELTS speaking topics are:


  • People: your favourite person, your role model etc

  • Places: your favourite restaurant, favourite city, etc

  • Experiences: favourite childhood memory, etc

  • Feelings: memorable experience, etc

  • habits and likes: hobbies and interests, etc

  • Objects: money, finances, favourite item, etc



There are seven common question types that appear in IELTS speaking part 3 are:

  1. Opinion: Give your opinion on a certain topic. Remember to give examples.

  2. Evaluate: Evaluate opinion of someone else.

  3. Future: Your opinion about what will happen in the future?

  4. Past: How have times changed?

  5. Cause and Effect: What is the cause of a reaction/action?

  6. Hypothetical: Your take on imaginary situations

  7. Compare and Contrast: Talk about the difference and/or similarities between two things.



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