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My IELTS test is tomorrow – what should I do?!

My IELTS test is tomorrow – what should I do?!

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This is it, you have your exam tomorrow, and perhaps you’re starting to get butterflies in your stomach.

You might also be tempted to stay up late studying (or to start frantically searching online for last-minute advice and help!).

But the truth is that by this point, it’s probably too late to make any meaningful improvement in your language and skills. Your key work on these should already be in the bank by now. 

However, there are still a few final things you can do to help achieve your full potential come test day. 

Calm your mind

Even if you’re well-prepared, it’s human nature to have last minute panic and self-doubt before a test.

‘Did I study enough?’
‘Did I miss something?’

‘What if I’m asked about X, a topic I haven’t prepared for?’

It’s important to go into the test feeling confident and positive, as this will help you achieve the best score possible.

So in this situation, instead of worrying about not having done enough, reassure yourself:

Trust your training
Trust yourself
Relax, and you’ll be fine


Practical matters

Make life easy by taking care of logistics in advance: 

  • Get your ID ready, and lay out some comfortable clothes the night before. Bring an extra layer in case the test room is cold.

  • You’ll be given a pen, pencil, eraser and sharpener, but bring your own too just in case

  • Consider preparing some snacks and a drink as you may need to wait around for a while before going into the test room

  • Decide how you’ll get to the test centre. Aim to arrive at least an hour beforehand to give yourself plenty of time to relax, find out where everything is, and check in your phone & watch (you can’t take these into the test room)


Be kind to your body

You’ll perform at your best when your body is working with you, not against you! 

  • Don’t stay up all night trying to cram in new material. This will only make you anxious.

  • Don’t drink too much coffee, do heavy exercise, or binge Netflix until 2 am. A good night’s sleep is your best friend here!

  • Eat a good breakfast and take some snacks to help keep your blood sugar high throughout the day

  • Stay hydrated – you can take a drink into the test room with you so long as it’s in a transparent bottle

Of course, it’ll be much easier to relax and follow these steps if you’ve already spent quality time studying for the exam. So make effective study your first priority. Then, try using these strategies to take you over the finish line. 

How do you prepare for your test?

Do you have any habits or rituals to help you get ready?

Let us know in the comments!

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