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How to get IELTS 6.5?

How to get IELTS 6.5?

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Getting band 6.5 is a general requirement for university admission in many places.

As you know, getting from a 4.5/5 to a 5.5 or 6 is possible with some focused practice (and ideally some teaching if you can get it), but it will likely take time. Getting to a 6.5 is also possible, but that is a BIG jump from a 4.5 or 5. Unfortunately there is no magic trick to achieve this quickly. It will take a lot of practice.

For example, regarding writing, someone who is getting a 4.5 / 5 is likely making a lot of grammar errors, whereas someone getting up to 6.5 will be making possibly only a few.

A score of IELTS 6.5 shows that a person is ‘competent’, meaning they can cope in a classroom situation even though there may be some mistakes or misunderstandings with language. For students who need it, many universities provide short English courses of one to three months before the degree programme begins.

Your overall IELTS score is calculated as an average of the four module scores:

IELTS Listening Band 6.5

  • Get 26 out of 40 answers correct for IELTS 6.5*
  • Spell answers correctly
  • Not write more than the maximum number of words for each question

IELTS Reading Band 6.5 (Academic Module)

  • Get 27 out of 40 answers correct for IELTS 6.5*
  • Spell answers correctly
  • Not write more than the maximum number of words for each question

IELTS Writing Band 6.5 (Academic Module)

  • Answer both questions adequately
  • Show good ability to organise an answer (e.g. paragraphs, linking words)
  • Attempt to use some higher-level vocabulary (even if not always accurate)
  • Provide an overview with supporting details in Task 1
  • Indicate a position and provide supporting arguments in Task 2
  • Make yourself understood (even if grammatical mistakes are made)

IELTS Speaking Band 6.5

  • Speak at length on certain topics
  • Use a range of linking words to connect ideas
  • Show good ability to paraphrase
  • Use both simple and complex structures
  • Speak with generally good pronunciation

As you can imagine, it will take a lot of time to make that change. So don't worry too much about IELTS itself at the moment. You have taken the test a few times, so you know what is in it. You just need to think about improving your English as much as you can. So just focus on getting involved in English all you can - listening to English radio, TV, speaking it whenever you can, and reading books / magazines in English.

So do not stop practicing!

Assuming you have a general language ability of at least band 6, then it is mostly necessary to use appropriate strategies to ensure you get a score of 6.5. Otherwise, go back and study language intensively such as reading a lot and using English in everyday life.

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