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Learning IELTS is like playing tennis 

Learning IELTS is like playing tennis 

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If you are a fan of tennis, let's read this article. You will see there are certainly some things in common between IELTS and tennis.

First, you cannot play tennis well just by reading books. You have to practice and practice. There are no shortcuts here and IELTS is the same.

Second, if you want to master one skill such as slide or smash, you have to repeat and practice it over hundreds or even thousands of times. You can see that although Federer is the master of all skills in tennis, he has to improve and practice them all day before each tournament. 

Third, persistence is also important in tennis. If you master all skills but you are not strong enough to play in five sets or in five hours, you will be the loser. Remember that the IELTS Exam is a three-hour marathon so keep your health in shape to prepare for this challenge!

In conclusion, if you want to play well in the real court, practice is the key. All professional players are serious about this. If you do not practice well, please do not join the tournament. Remember that you can only show 10 or 20% of what you practice or prepare in the real game.

IELTSONLINETESTS.COM is a good site to prepare and practice IELTS at home. You can try this!

Hope you will prepare and practice IELTS enough for your next exam.

Good luck!

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