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Transition Words and Definitions, Transition Words For Essays

Transition Words and Definitions, Transition Words For Essays

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Transition words are words that connect two sentences, phrases, paragraphs. words such as ‘but’, ‘and’, ‘so’ are used to provide this connection. Transition words can connect anything from short phrases to paragraphs.

Transition Word Types: Transition words are divided into different classes according to the type of transition we want to make. There are several words specific to each classification. Sometimes they have the same meanings and sometimes they have different meaning. Transitions also show the relationship between the main idea and the sentence (or in the paragraph) within the author’s necessary support for these ideas.

Cause and Effect: Hence, therefore, thus, so, because, due to, consequently and as a result.

  • I never studied my exams therefore I couldn’t pass my classes.
  • I love spring months because colorful flowers bloom.
  • She usually eats at home, because she likes cooking.

Emphasis: Furthermore, especially, in particular, in addition, also, indeed, certainly and of course.

  • I’m very angry to you in also I don’t think of forgiving you.
  • Reading books help to learn new information, furthermore, it helps to keep the brain cells fresh.

Time: Later, after, before, then, next, soon, finally, first, second.

  • I read the books first and then I made a summary.
  • Before I have dinner, I always watch Tv.

Addition: Along with, moreover, also, too, as well as that, besides.

  • It is too late now. Besides, it is starting snow.
  • Mark is handsome; moreover, he is rich.

Contrast: Unlike, nevertheless, nonetheless, in contrast (to), whereas, alternatively, even so.

  • Jack is completely unlike his sister.
  • Whereas we did all the job, they enjoyed themselves.

Summary: To summarize, in short, briefly, in conclusion, to sum up, altogerher, in summary and to conclude.

  • In conclusion she had left because she did not love me.
  • Let us take these issues briefly in turn.

Comparison: Similarly, just like, equally, likewise, just as, same as, compare to, in the same way.

  • I do not gain weight for doing regular sports in the same way I am very healthy.

Opinion: Mistaken, I think, i believe, as far as i know, i believe that, it seems likely.

  • I think it is very nice cooking.


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