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Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback. Although we can't respond to everyone who submits a suggestion, we review many of the ideas that people send to us and use them to improve the IELTS Online Tests experience.

awfully thanks to all the people who work on this website. Congratulations for being successful on helping me to get score (6) on IELTS TEST.
Many thanks to all.

Thankyou very much for designing such a beautiful thread wt series. I have been practising ielts from these test for a month and then i gave my ielts.
These test was of great help to me. It depicts the exact exam questions and im really very grateful to you for providing this study material to students for free. I am writing this message today because today is my result day and i scored really well in ielts. I got overall band of 7.5.. Listing 8.5, reading 7.5, speaking 7.5 and writing 7. I would like to dedicate all my success in writing and listening to ielts online test and i wish you all the best.


I send this message to tell the entire iot team of my success in the IELTS academic exam in Ghana.

To have such unparalleled online preparatory services at no charge is something I little anticipated to find when I commenced tests practice about 3months ago. I endeavoured to finish all the tests on your website and that honed my skills in all modules of the test.

I achieved as overall band score of 8, with 9 in listening and reading, 7 in writing and 7.5 in speaking.

I'm overly appreciative of your free aid! More power to your elbow!

Thanks a lot for giving such an invaluable opportunity to improve our English Language skills in an efficient way.

I would like to extend my Thanks for being a part in building up my career. I would say this is one of the best website/resource for IELTS. This website is a boon to millions of aspiring poor students. All cheers for your work.


I am really grateful to the creators of this website for their efforts to teach us free of cost . The mock tests and sample tests are far enough for an average English speaker to practice for the IELTS exam . The IELTS analytics tool is an excellent one to understand your strength and weakness so that you can practice accordingly . I have done atleast 40 tests from this site which had helped me a lot to improve my scores . The great advantage of this site is the immediate online correction and the clarifications for the answers. My scores are L : 9 , R : 9 , S : 7.5 & W 7, for general training. Thank you once again.

I would really like to thank this platform for being a helping hand in my ielts success. I was able to achieve 8.5 from 7.5 in listening just because of you. Thank you again for making this happen.

I am writing this message to express my gratitude towards IELTS Online Tests for all the practice tests made available on their website. I recently gave my IELTS general test and my only source of study materials were the once available here. I am extremely happy to share that I scored an overall 8.5 with a perfect score(9) in Reading. With out these materials ,it would not have been possible for me to get this score.

Once again thank you so very much to all the IELTS Online team members for creating such an informative platform.

我写这条消息是为了表达我对IELTS Online Tests的感谢。感谢你们在网站上提供的所有练习题. 我最近考了雅思G类,我在备考中唯一使用的学习材料就在这儿!非常高兴地和大家分享一下,我的总分是8.5,其中阅读是满分(9分)!如果没有这些材料,我可能拿不到这个分数。再次感谢IOT团队,谢谢你们创造了如此有用的平台!

Thank u guys for the website which delivered me an opportunity to enhance my English in a quite short period of time , because of you I succeeded in getting overall band 8, with L-9 and R-8