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Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback. Although we can't respond to everyone who submits a suggestion, we review many of the ideas that people send to us and use them to improve the IELTS Online Tests experience.

I used ieltsonline to pracrice my lisening and reading sections mainly. When I stated using this site, my average band scored ranged around 6/6.5. I need a 7.5 minumum so I didn‘t give up, after two weeks of conutinous practice, I realised my average was starting to be around 6.5 - 7 Bands. I kept on going, after a month my listen went up to 8.5 -9 and reading around 7.5-8 Bands. Today I receievd my official IELTS Band scores and I got 8.5 in listening and 8 in Reading. DO NOT GIVE UP. Practice till give get to where you need to be. Thank you so so so much for giving out this content to us for free.

Thank you for the valuable information in your website -specially mock tests available online. It really helped a lot in my preparation for General Training. I had taken about 37 practice tests Listening and Reading. I got 8.5 and 7.5 respectively. Thanks once again for having such very useful content. Many thanks for your team.

I am Yazid from Jordan, I developed my skills using your website and I achieved Band 7 in IELTS exam. Thanks for your website and wish you best luck
for your team.
Reading : 7.5
Listening: 7.5.
Writing: 6
Speaking: 6.5
Overall Band Score: 7

I would like to thank you and congratulate you for this wonderful effort. I have been using your platform for IELTS 2020 preparation and to be honest it has been extremely helfpul to pratcise on this platform. The tests offered on this platform are extensive and offer a good deal of understanding of the exam pattern. I used this platform sincerely just for a week before my IELTS and scored a band 8. I would definitely recommend it! Its a great service offered by your team free of cost! which is outstanding in today‘s world, where everything has a price tag!! kudos to the team!!

I used your site extensively over the past few months to prepare for my IELTS general exam which took place on February 24, 2021. I have taken approximately 100 tests and I can certainly say that your site is the BEST! I did not pay any of the courses offered but I did use your speaking and writing assessments. My exam score overall is 8, and this is largely because the exercises you provided prepared me to anticipate and overcome probable challenges. Thank you so very much! I hope you continue offering products‘ and services that shall produce more successful IELTS examinees!!

Thank you guys your practice tests made me to achieve band 8 without any extra coaching or subscriptions.

L=8.0,R=8.5,W=7.5,S=7.0,OverAll=8.0 Scores.

I will always be thankful to you guys

Hello I am Odilon from Russia and i would like to express my deepest gratitude to the intergreat team. I got a band 8 L 8.5 W 8 R 8 and surprisingly S 6.5. I only prepared for the exam using your materials. You are doing a great job helping people, especially those who can‘t afford a tutor. Thank you again. My advice to those who haven‘t yet sat the test is to follow the integreat lecturer‘s advice.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to thank anyone who‘s working on the website, because its the best thing that ever happen to me i was able to get an accurate assement of my english level, and it eventually allowed me to get a 7.5 overall score, I barely had the money to pay for the actual ielts test, so i couldn‘t pay any of the speaking or ielts assement that are provided on this website, therefore i took advantage of the free material only ( listening and reading), and that‘s how o got 8.5 on the reading section and 8 on the listening one... Now i can applyfor international masters programs in order to continue my studies abroad and it‘s all thanks to this plateforme.

Thanks alot, i am forever grateful

Hi, I‘m Chinthani from Sri Lanka. I managed to get an overall band of 8 for IELTS academic exam recently, and the only online resource I used is this site, without even attending personal tuition classes. Thank you for the immense support, keep up the good work.