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Cảm ơn bạn đã dành thời gian gửi phản hồi chất lượng dịch vụ cho chúng tôi. Mặc dù chúng tôi không thể phản hồi tất cả những người đã gửi đánh giá, những đánh giá của các bạn sẽ được sử dụng để cải thiện webiste IELTS Online Tests ngày một tốt hơn.


I send this message to tell the entire iot team of my success in the IELTS academic exam in Ghana.

To have such unparalleled online preparatory services at no charge is something I little anticipated to find when I commenced tests practice about 3months ago. I endeavoured to finish all the tests on your website and that honed my skills in all modules of the test.

I achieved as overall band score of 8, with 9 in listening and reading, 7 in writing and 7.5 in speaking.

I'm overly appreciative of your free aid! More power to your elbow!

when i see first time, i was very happy on ietsonlinetests.com web giving a lot of material without cost i was very impressive that shows all content about listening,reading, writting as well as speaking with evaluation. THANK YOU

Your practice tests are immensely helpful. I recently appeared for computer-based exam and scored R9 L8.5. I could score full marks in reading as I had practised many mock reading tests from this site. Thank you again for providing so many free mock tests. I appreciate!

I am really grateful to the creators of this website for their efforts to teach us free of cost . The mock tests and sample tests are far enough for an average English speaker to practice for the IELTS exam . The IELTS analytics tool is an excellent one to understand your strength and weakness so that you can practice accordingly . I have done atleast 40 tests from this site which had helped me a lot to improve my scores . The great advantage of this site is the immediate online correction and the clarifications for the answers. My scores are L : 9 , R : 9 , S : 7.5 & W 7, for general training. Thank you once again.

This website is all you need to achieve your target band. I was amazed after seeing the same passages and listening tracks during my IELTS exam. Thank you

Thank you ieltsonlinetest, you‘ve helped me achieved a wonderful score in IElTS (L9, R7.5, W7, S8).

Thank u guys for the website which delivered me an opportunity to enhance my English in a quite short period of time , because of you I succeeded in getting overall band 8, with L-9 and R-8

With great pleasure, I am happy to inform you that my IELTS result is declared on 1st October 2018. I got the following scores: L=8.5, R=6.5, S=7, W=7, Overall=7.5

I sincerely thank the ieltsonlinetests.com team for my achievement and ample support that the platform provided to me.

Thank you once again.

thanks a lot all of you, its really helpful. I hope more and more people who are trying to learn english get to know about this web page.
thanks again.

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