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IELTS Mock Test 2020 July

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Published on: 29 Jul 2020

Views: 69,675

Tests Taken: 24,707

Listening Practice Test 1

Answer Keys:

  • 1 3
  • 2 brakes
  • 3 (owner) going overseas
  • 4 $1,500
  • 5 6:30 pm
  • 6 88 Princess Street
  • 7 B
  • 8 C
  • 9 C
  • 10 A
  • 11 3 hours
  • 12 grey (gray) whales
  • 13 hot springs
  • 14 swim (very) fast/playful/curious
  • 15 black and white
  • 16 14 m/metres/meters
  • 17 in the middle
  • 18 (bright) orange
  • 19 can't swim
  • 20 on your arm/(at the) wrist
  • 21 200
  • 22 4 week
  • 23 8
  • 24 10 minute video/documentary
  • 25 film-making/film making
  • 26 travel plan(s)
  • 27 C
  • 28 B
  • 29 April
  • 30 course, flights
  • 31 A
  • 32 C
  • 33 B
  • 34 keyboard/layout
  • 35 70%/percent
  • 36 50 words
  • 37 accuracy (in typing)
  • 38 speed
  • 39 12 to 20
  • 40 C


# User Score Time
panmol838 9 15:16
lehoangtien1502 9 22:16
Muzaffar Mukadam 9 32:13
4 david medina 9 32:41
5 quanghuy200603 9 39:30
6 Tsenguun Munhjargal 8.5 21:02
7 Rachel Lin 8.5 23:24
8 Juan Cuervo 8.5 23:59
9 Phạm Nam 8.5 24:01
10 Taing Chhung Y 8.5 28:03

Review & Explanations:

Part 1: Questions 1-10

Questions 1-6

Complete the form using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Buying a Used Car: Contact Details




1985    (EXAMPLE)

Number of owners:



overall good.

2 done last year.

Reason for selling:


Asking price:


Appointment time:



6 , Parkwood.

Contact name:


  • 1 Answer: 3
    • The keyword concerned in Q1 is “owner”.

    • From the question, we can presume that the answer must be a number.

    • Elena says that she is the third owner of the car, so the car has 3 previous owners.

    • So the answer must be 3 or three.

  • 2 Answer: brakes
    • The keywords concerned in Q2 are “last year”.

    • From the question, we can presume that the answer must be a verb.

    • Elena says that the car had it’s brakes done last year.

    • So the answer must be brakes.

  • 3 Answer: (owner) going overseas
    • The keyword concerned in Q3 is “reason”.

    • From the question, we can presume that the answer must be a noun.

    • Jan asks the reason why Elena is selling the car and Elena says she is going oversea.

    • So the answer must be going oversea.

  • 4 Answer: $1,500
    • The keyword concerned in Q4 is “price”.

    • From the question, we can presume that the answer must be a number.

    • Jan asks whether Elena is selling the car for $1,500 or not and Elena says she was initially asking for $2,000 but reduced to sell it quickly. So it is true that Elena is selling the car for $1,500.

    • So the answer must be $1,500.

  • 5 Answer: 6:30 pm
    • The keyword concerned in Q5 is “time”.

    • From the question, we can presume that the answer must be a time.

    • Jan asks if she can come over and take a look at the car at 6:30 and Elena agreed.

    • So the answer must be 6:30.

  • 6 Answer: 88 Princess Street
    • The keyword concerned in Q6 is “address”.

    • From the question, we can presume that the answer must be a address.

    • Elena says she’s at 88 Princess St. but Jan asks whether it is 80 Princess St. so Elena has to say again that she is at 88 Princess St..

    • So the answer must be 88 Princess St./88 Princess Street.

Questions 7-10

Circle the correct letter A-C.


What happened to Sam’s car?

  • A
  • B
  • C
Answer: B
  • We have to choose the correct answer for Q7.

  • Sam says that his car broke down last year so he is not driving right now.

  • So the answer must be B. It broke down.


Why does Jan need a car now?

  • A
  • B
  • C
Answer: C
  • We have to choose the correct answer for Q8.

  • Jan says that she need a car because she is working at night and don’t want to wait for bus late at night and then walk home alone.

  • So the answer must be C. She would feel safer at night with a car.


What does Sam recommend?

  • A
  • B
  • C
Answer: C
  • We have to choose the correct answer for Q9.

  • Sam says he doesn’t know a lot about cars but he recommend to have a mechanic look at the car before buying car.

  • Look is equal to inspection.

  • So the answer must be C. Get a mechanical inspection.


How are they travelling to Elena’s?

  • A
  • B
  • C
Answer: A
  • We have to choose the correct answer for Q10.

  • Jan recommend some transportation means to go to Elena’s house but Sam says he could borrow motorbike from his roommate and Jan agreed. 

  • Motorcycle is another word for motorbike.

  • So the answer must be A. by motorcycle.

Part 1
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Part 1

A conversation between two students about buying a used car

E: Hello.

J: Hello. Can I speak to Elena please?

E: This is Elena speaking.

J: Hi. My name is Jan. I’m calling about the car that was advertised on the notice-board in the student union building. Is it still for sale?

E: Yes, it is.

J: Your ad says it’s a 1985 Celica, in good condition.

E: It’s old but it has been well looked after. My family has had the car for ten years. I’m just the third owner and my mother had it before me, so we know its history. We’ve got all the receipts and records. It’s had regular maintenance and the brakes were done last year. It runs really well, but it looks its age.

J: Why are you selling it, by the way?

E: Well, I’m going overseas, next month to study. I’ll be away for at least 2 years so I have to sell it, unfortunately. It’s been a good car.

J: You want $1,500? Is that right?

E: I was asking $2,000 but since I need to sell it quickly, I’ve reduced the price. Would you like to come and take it for a drive? I don’t live far from the university.

J: Yes, I’d like to have a look. What time would suit you?

E: Any time this evening is fine.

J: Well, I finish classes at 6 o’clock. How about straight after that? Say 6:30?

E: Great! I’ll give you directions, when you leave (he main gate of the university, turn left on South Road and keep going until you get to the Grand Cinema. Take the first right. That’s Princess St... I’m at number 88, on the right.

J: So, it’s 80 Princess St.?

E: No, it’s 88 Princess St. and the suburb is Parkwood.

You’ll see the car parked in front. It’s the red one with the 'for sale’ sign on it.

J: OK. Thanks, Elena. I’ll see you later.

E: Bye.


Later that day, at the university, Jan meets up with her friend, Sam and tells him about the car.

J: Hi Sam!

S: Hi Jan! What’s happening?

J: I’m glad I ran into you. I’ve decided I have to get a car.

S: You’re going to buy a car? Do you really need one? I’d probably still be driving except that my car broke down last year. Instead of getting another one, I just moved closer to the university and went back to riding a bike - better for the environment, better for my health and I save a lot of money.

J: Did it really cost that much?

S: Well, when you think of registration, insurance, rising petrol costs, parking, plus maintenance and repairs, it adds up.

J: I know it’s going to be expensive but I really need my own transportation. It takes half an hour by bus each way to university as it is. But now I’m working at night in the city. There’s no way I want to hang around waiting for a bus late at night then walk 3 blocks home alone.

S: Hey, I think you’ve got a point there. So what kind of car are you looking at?

J: It’s an 85 Celica, same kind as I used to have. The owner’s asking $1,500.

S: That’s pretty old. How many kilometres has it done?

J: You know, I forgot to ask. I’ll have to check tonight when I go to see it. Would you be able to come with me to have a look? At about 6:30?

S: Sure, I’ll come, but I don’t know a lot about cars. I do know one thing, though. I wouldn’t buy an old car without having a mechanic look at it first.

J: That’s a good idea but won’t it cost a lot?

S: Not really. You can get a check done through the Automobile Association for $80 and it comes with a report on the condition of the car. It can save you a lot of money in the long run.

J: I’ll keep that in mind. So, we have to get to Parkwood at 6:30, Do you want to take the bus? It goes straight down South Road every fifteen minutes. Or maybe we could walk. I don’t think it’s that far.

S: Actually, I could borrow my roommate’s motorbike for an hour or so. He’s working all evening in the library.

J: Do you think he’d mind?

S:No way. He owes me a favour or two.

J: OK. Great! See you at six, outside the Student Centre.