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What is the IELTS Writing Test?

An IELTS Writing test is a way to simulate the IELTS Writing test, which allows you to experience the real test format before you take the actual test.

How to take the IELTS Writing Test?

You can log in to the IELTS Online Tests (IOT) website and go to to take tests. We provide you with high-quality mock exams and efficient advice from IELTS instructors to improve your IELTS writing performance.

What is the process of taking IELTS Writing test?

1. Select a Writing test you want to take;
2. Submit the test and select our Evaluation service if you want your test to be assessed by real IELTS Examiner;
3. Detailed IELTS writing practice test report will be sent to you and shown on your result page within 48 hours.

What do the essay questions in the mock exam look like?

The essay questions in our platform are usually similar to those in the IELTS exam, involving topics in social, cultural, technological, and other fields. These prompts require candidates to engage in discussion and analysis.

What is the scoring criteria for the mock exam?

The scoring criteria for the mock exam also refer to the scoring standards of the IELTS exam: Task Response, Coherence and Cohesion, Lexical Resource, Grammatical Range and Accuracy.

Does the mock exam help improve IELTS scores?

Model exams canassist students in gaining a clearer understanding of the examination format and enable them to evaluate their own performance. This helps them identify their shortcomings for more focused preparation and practice, thereby improving their scores.

How to review the practice history of the IELTS Writing test?

You can review the practice history of the IELTS Writing test by accessing to your Dashboard >> Practice Test History >> Writing skill to review all your Writing tests.

How to analyze one's performance and identify shortcomings after the mock exam?

You can conduct comprehensive self-assessments and reviews of your answers, allowing you to gradually identify your strengths and weaknesses based on your previous preparation efforts, and to improve and strengthen these areas. Additionally, consider seeking professional guidance from our instructors for further analysis and advice. For more information, please reach out to or our customer service representatives via our website.