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What is an IELTS Reading test?

An IELTS Reading practice test is a way to simulate the IELTS Reading test, which allows you to experience the real test format before you take the actual test.

What is the purpose of the IELTS Reading test?

The main purpose of the IELTS Reading mock exam is to allow candidates to experience a real environment, enhance confidence, understand the exam requirement, and increase practical experience.

How to take the IELTS Reading test?

You can log in to the IELTS Online Tests (IOT) website and go to to conduct online mock exams.

What skills can help me better complete the IELTS Reading test?

You can make sufficient preparations before the mock exam, such as planning the time and previewing the questions first. You can also pay attention to details and improve reading speed when doing the questions.

Can I check my band score after the mock exam?

Yes, after submitting the reading test, you will be redirected to the result page to review your answer and score.

How to review the practice history of the IELTS Reading test?

You can view practice history by accessing to your Dashboard >> Practice Test History >> Reading skill to review all your Reading tests.