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What is the IELTS Speaking test?

The IELTS Speaking test is a test that simulates the form and process of an actual IELTS Speaking test to help students evaluate and improve their speaking proficiency.

Can the IELTS Speaking mock test scores represent the actual IELTS test scores?

The IELTS speaking mock test is a simulated assessment that aids students in self-evaluation. However, the actual IELTS exam mandates stricter and more rigorous grading standards and exam requirements. Therefore, the results of the speaking mock test should not be considered as a representation of the actual IELTS exam results.

Can the IELTS Speaking mock exam help me improve my speaking skill?

Participating in the IELTS speaking mock exam allows students to gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in speaking, as well as identify areas that require further improvement. This provides effective feedback and guidance for their study.

How to take the IELTS Speaking test?

You can log in to the IELTS Online Tests (IOT) website and go to to take Speaking tests. We provide you with high-quality mock exams, and the IELTS instructor provides efficient advice to improve your IELTS speaking performance.

What is the scoring criteria for the IELTS Speaking mock exam?

The scoring criteria for the IELTS Speaking mock exams are the same as those for the real IELTS Speaking test: Fluency and Coherence; Lexical Resource; Grammatical Range and Accuracy; and Pronunciation

How to review my recordings?

You can view all your recordings by go to Personal Menu > Test History > Speaking

Can I have my recordings stored forever?

- If the evaluation pack is purchased: recordings are stored forever.

- If don’t purchased pack or without voting from community: recordings can be viewed within 7 days after test taken day, then will be deleted.

How to share my test recording?

You can share your test recording by copying the URL and send to your friends.

You also share via Facebook or Twitter.

How do I give a score to my friend’ test results?

Step 1: Login into your account

Step 2: Visit your friend’ recordings via the URL shared by friend

Step 3: Click [Give a score], select band score from the dropdown, leave your comment then Submit.