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IELTS Indicator is ready now

IELTS Indicator is ready now

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We’re excited to announce that IELTS Indicator is now open for bookings!

You can take the test here at with the price of 159$.

As IELTS Indicator is not a full IELTS test it is not accepted by all organisations. Before you book, be sure to check with your university or educational institution.

These universities accept IELTS indicator for admissions entry:

This list is accurate for 2020 entry. We will keep updating this list as more universities confirm...

Benefits of IELTS Indicator

For test takers

  • IELTS Indicator test will give you an opportunity to measure your ability in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking
  • IELTS Indicator can be completed at home, online while IELTS testing has been suspended in some locations
  • Universities and educational institutions can use IELTS Indicator for application purposes
  • IELTS Indicator is an official IELTS product you can trust

For universities and education providers

  • It is a great way to gauge the English Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking levels of your prospective students
  • The IELTS Indicator test uses official IELTS test questions and is marked using IELTS test criteria by qualified IELTS examiners
  • It is available in countries where IELTS testing has been suspended due to COVID-19

IELTS Indicator Checklist

  • A quiet & comfortable space to take your test
  • A laptop or desktop computer (Mac or PC only, you cannot take IELTS Indicator on a mobile or tablet device)
  • Your computer meets the minimum and recommended system requirements
  • A stable internet connection
  • Speakers or headphones connected to your computer (for audio during your Listening test)
  • Camera and microphone for your Speaking test
  • Ensure you are available for the full duration of the test

Practice now before taking the official test by using our mock online tests on

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