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Traffic and accommodation problems

(11 votes)

Traffic and accommodation problems are increasing and government should encourage some businesses to move from cities to rural areas. Does the...

Writing Correction

14 Nov 2018

How Many Types of Essays are there in IELTS Writing Task 2?

(12 votes)

  In the IELTS writing task 2, you are given an essay question which must be written in minimum 250 words and for this, you are given 40...

Writing Tips

14 Nov 2018

How to Do Line Graph Type of Question in IELTS Writing task 1?

(8 votes)

  Line graph is another kind of chart type question in IELTS writing task 1 and the strategy to solve this question is very similar to...

Writing Tips

06 Nov 2018

IELTS Writing Task 1 Analysis (Asking Friend to Look After Home) – Band 7

(3 votes)

  Let us try to analyse the IELTS writing task 1 response of a student who submitted his answer in IELTS mock test. Question: Write a letter...

Writing Tips

05 Nov 2018

How to Write ‘Compare and Contrast’ Type of Essay in IELTS Writing Task 2?

(6 votes)

In ‘compare and contrast’ type of essay, IELTS examiners want you to discuss the points of comparing and contrasting the two things...

Writing Tips

22 Oct 2018

9 Academic IELTS Writing tips on how to get Band 7

(17 votes)

This is the article from one student, Band 7 in IELTS, and here he shares the secrets to success in the Writing test.

Writing Correction

21 Oct 2018

How to Do IELTS Writing Task 1 With Only One Chart?

(6 votes)

  IELTS writing task 1 in the Academic module is of different types out of which bar chart or line chart is quite a common task candidates...

Writing Tips

20 Oct 2018

Art is an essential subject for children at school (Corrected Essay)

(7 votes)

Some people think that art is an essential subject for children at school while others think it is a waste of time.

Writing Correction

19 Oct 2018

IELTS Writing Task 1 Analysis (Moving to New House) – Band 7

(5 votes)

  In this article, we will analyse IELTS writing task 1 response of a candidate. Question: You are shifting to a new home and writing a...

Writing Tips

25 Sep 2018

5 Ways to Plan IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay to Score Band 8

(15 votes)

  Planning is like the skeleton of an essay. It is important to plan the essay before you start writing it. The essay plan will act like...

Writing Tips

25 Sep 2018