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IELTS Recent Mock Tests Volume 1

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Published on: 06 Dec 2017

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Listening Practice Test 3

Answer Keys:

  • 1 R242
  • 2 89.99
  • 3 City Center
  • 4 steam escaping/escaping steam
  • 5 84 Park Rd/Road
  • 6 B0241DJ
  • 7 credit card
  • 8 April 2008
  • 9 refund
  • 10 once a month
  • 11 E
  • 12 A
  • 13 B
  • 14 D
  • 15 C
  • 16 bathroom
  • 17 food containers
  • 18 code
  • 19 basement
  • 20 11:30/11.30
  • 21 B
  • 22 C
  • 23 24 B,E
  • 25 colour/color
  • 26 cleaning products
  • 27 (different) containers
  • 28 materials
  • 29 image
  • 30 advertisement
  • 31 less effort
  • 32 uncomfortable
  • 33 1860s
  • 34 connected
  • 35 more smoothly
  • 36 rubber wheels
  • 37 safer
  • 38 40 C,D,F


Iqra Abdullah 9.015:21
nozigul ibrokhimova 9.015:54
Himanshu Garg 9.016:03
4 Bippin Gound 9.016:14
5 Cynthia Iwuamadi 9.016:29
6 Nguyen Hung 9.016:37
7 Phong Ho 9.016:44
8 thái nguyễn 9.017:12
9 muhammad masoom 9.017:19
10 Kalzhyr Merekenov 9.017:20

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Review & Explanations:

Section 1: Questions 1-10

Questions 1-4

Complete the form below.


Product Incident Report

Product: rice cooker
Model Number: 1
Price of the Product: £ 2
Name of the Branch: 3
Problem: 4
  • 1 Answer: R242


    • the words which lead you to the answer are underlined.

    • the word/number you must write for the answer is marked.

    • words which you might wrongly think could be the answer are in italics.

    • The keywords concerned in Q1 must be “model number”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a string of number and letter.

    • The woman wants to know the model number with the keyword in Q1. And we can easily hear the man answered “R242”. After that, the woman also repeats the answer.

    • Thus, the answer for Q1 should be “R242”

  • 2 Answer: 89.99
    • The keywords concerned in Q2 must be “price of product”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a number.

    • The woman asked “how much did you pay for the product?”, it means that she wants to know the price of the product. We can hear the man answered “89.99 pounds”.

    • Thus, the answer for Q2 should be “89.99”

  • 3 Answer: City Center
    • The keywords concerned in Q3 must be “name of branch”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a specific name.

    • We can hear the woman asked “where did you buy the cooker?”, we can guess the answer will be near here. After the man mentioned “big electric life appliance store downtown, the woman told “the city center branch”, and the man agreed with that answer.

    • Because the answer is no more than two words, Thus, the answer for Q3 should be “City center”

    • Note: Don’t be misled by “Electric Life”, it may be the name of store, not the name of branch that the woman is asking.

  • 4 Answer: steam escaping/escaping steam
    • The keywords concerned in Q4 must be “problem”.

    • We can hear the woman mentioned “the problem is that the steam escapes”, and the man said “Yes”, it means that the problem is that "there's steam escaping". Later, the woman said that they had "an R242 cooker with an escaping steam problem." (both are acceptable)

    • Because the answer is no more than two words. Thus, the answer for Q4 should be steam escaping/ escaping steam (both are acceptable).

Questions 5-10

Complete the form below.




Herbert Hewitt





Method of payment:


Card’s Expiry Date:


Method of Compensation:


Shopping Frequency:

  • 5 Answer: 84 Park Rd/Road
    • The keywords concerned in Q5 must be “address”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be the customer’s address.

    • We can easily hear the woman asked about “name and address” of the customer. And the man answered “my address is 84 Park Road”.

    • Thus, the answer for Q5 should be “84 Park Road”.


  • 6 Answer: B0241DJ
    • The keywords concerned in Q6 must be “postcode”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a string of number and letter.

    • We can hear the man mentioned the postal code is “B0241DJ

    Postal code” and “postcode” refer to the same thing in this case.

    • Thus, the answer for Q6 should be “B0241DJ”.


  • 7 Answer: credit card
    • The keywords concerned in Q7 must be “method, payment”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a noun or noun phrase.

    • The woman asked if the customer had a credit card, then he confirm that he had one and that was how he paid for the cooker.

    • Therefore, the method of payment the customer used is “credit card”.


  • 8 Answer: April 2008
    • The keywords concerned in Q8 must be “card’s expiry date”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a point of time.

    • We can hear the man mentioned the card’s password, but the woman ask again about “expiry date”, and the man answer “April 2008” and the woman also repeat the answer.

    • Thus, the answer for Q8 should be “April 2008”


  • 9 Answer: refund
    • The keywords concerned in Q9 must be “method of compensation”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer must be a method of payment.

    • We can hear the woman said “we’ll get that refund right to you”, it means that “refund” is the method of compensation” in this case

    • Thus, the answer for Q9 should be “refund”.


  • 10 Answer: once a month
    • The keywords concerned in Q10 must be “shopping frequence”.

    • From the question, we can assume that the answer can be a number of occurrences (in a week, a month…)

    • We can hear the woman ask “how often do you go shopping at the City Center branch?”, it means that she is asking about “shopping frequence”. After that, the man answered “once a month”

    • Thus, the answer for Q10 should be “once a month”

    • Note: Don’t be misled by the answer “never” because the man answered in the case he can’t get his refund, not his shopping frequence.


Section 1
Change Audio Sources

Source 1

Source 2



Hello, and welcome to “Under Pressure Enterprises”, Customer Service Department. This is Kelly. How may I help you?
HEWITT: Yes, I’m calling about one of your rice cookers I just purchased.
CR: What seems to be the problem, sir?
H: Seems? There’s no seeming about it! The blasted thing shoots hot steam all over the place, that’s what! It nearly scalded my hand when I went to open it. Why it could have killed the cat or something. It could have exploded and killed my wife and me!
CR: Sir, sir, please calm down. As long as the steam escapes the cooker, it won’t explode.
H: So you’re telling me there’s no problem! Are you calling me a liar?
CR: Sir, no one is calling you a liar.
H: Yes! So I demand a full refund!
CR: Under Pressure will be happy to refund your money, sir. Now I just need some basic information.
H: OK, OK. Sorry. I do tend to get a little hot under the collar. My wife tells me to slow down... So, what do you need to know?
CR: Sir, don’t worry. I just need to ask you the model number of the cooker.
H: Hmmm... where are my glasses? Ah, here! Let’s see... ah. It'sR242.
CR: R242. OK, and how much did you pay for the product?
H: 89.99 pounds. It was on sale, I guess I should tell you.
CR. Thank you, that’s honest of you. Now, where did you buy the cooker? Which store and which branch?
H: At that big Electric Life appliance store downtown.

CR: The City Centre Branch? 

H: That’s the one.

CR: And you say the problem is that the steam escapes?

H: Yes, it does!

CR: No problem, sir. If there’s steam escaping, clearly the cooker is broken or defective. So we have an R242 cooker with an escaping steam problem. It was bought from Electric Life’s City Centre Branch for 89.99. Is that correct?
H: Yes, that is correct.
CR: Oh, I nearly forget. When did you buy the cooker?
H: Just as soon as my wife got the crazy idea she’ll live longer if she stops eating good English food: roast beef and mash. No, all she says she wants is rice and vegetables and sauces you’d not soak your feet in!

CR: Sir, sir! When did you buy it?
H: Oh, there I go again. Let’s see... we bought it just six months ago! We hardly used it either. But six months? Is that too long? I mean for the warranty?
CR: Very well, that’s well within the warranty period. Now, what’s your name and address?
H: Name and address! What for?
CR: Sir, it is company policy. If you want your money, you must in­ form me.
Money you say? Oh, my name is Herbert Hewitt and my address is 84 Park Road.
CR: Is that here in Coventry?
H Yes. The postal code is B0241DJ. But I don’t think sending things in the mail is very secure or very efficient. I mean...
CR: Don’t worry, Mr. Hewitt, don’t worry. We can credit the money to your credit card. You do have one, don’t you?
H: Yes, that's how we paid for the cooker.
CR: Oh, yes. We still have the number on computer. I only need to ask your card's expiry date.
H: I’m afraid I never give that sort of information out. I mean, once you have that, anyone could go charging things and...
CR: Sir! I said your expiry date, not your card’s password.
H: Oh, er, yes. Foolish me. Of course, you didn’t say “password”. Let's see. That will be April 2008
CR: April 2008. Very well, your card still has nearly two months left to go. We'll get that refund right to you, probably by five o’clock this evening.
H: You had better! If I don’t get my money... wait, wait. Yes, I know I’m losing my temper again. I really am sorry. I haven’t had my medicine today.
CR: And sir, just one more question for our record. How often do you go shopping at the City Centre Branch?
H: Oh, well it’s hard to say. I suppose maybe once a month. But I can tell you this, if I don’t get my refund, I’ll never shop there again! (He hangs up the phone.)
CR: (sigh) I think it’s time to start looking for another job!