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IELTS Practice Test Volume 1

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Published on: 30 Jul 2018

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Listening Practice Test 1

Answer Keys:

  • 1 3,000
  • 2 crabs
  • 3 45
  • 4 lamb
  • 5 chicken
  • 6 B
  • 7 B
  • 8 A
  • 9 C
  • 10 B
  • 11 A
  • 12 D
  • 13 C
  • 14 E
  • 15 B
  • 16 polished stone
  • 17 shops
  • 18 garden
  • 19 seating
  • 20 plants
  • 21 Two Systems
  • 22 challenged
  • 23 Newton
  • 24 created order
  • 25 Relativity
  • 26 explained gravity
  • 27 E
  • 28 N
  • 29 G
  • 30 N
  • 31 B
  • 32 B
  • 33 C
  • 34 B
  • 35 E
  • 36 car(-)racing
  • 37 jogging shoes
  • 38 freedom
  • 39 crown
  • 40 controversial


Joe Xander Manuel 9.015:01
Đỗ Mai 9.015:12
Hiteksha Sharma 9.015:19
4 Himanshu Garg 9.015:20
5 Diyor Nasrullaev 9.015:30
6 Sergi Fina Magliulo 9.015:38
7 Finza Dwicahyadi 9.015:53
8 Akshveer Kaur 9.015:54
9 Linh La 9.016:00
10 Hieu Tran 9.016:01

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Review & Explanations:

Section 1: Questions 1-10

Questions 1-5

Complete the notes.

Write ONE WORD OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Celebrating     20  years!  (Example)

Budget for meal ($): 1

Meal C:

•    cost: $50/head

•    consists of prawns and a seafood platter with  2 and oysters.

Meal D:

•    cost ($): 3 /head

•    consists of 4  with 5 soup, dessert, and coffee.

  • 1 Answer: 3,000
    • The keywords in Q1 are “budget” and “meal”. A “budget” is the amount of available money to spend on something. Therefore, we have to know the amount of money to spend on meal".

    • We can assume that the answer is a number.

    • Marcus and Ella mention all the keywords. According to Ella, the budget is $2000. However, Marcus then confirms that it is actually $3000. Therefore, the answer is 3000.

  • 2 Answer: crabs
    • The keywords in Q2 are “seafood platter” and “oysters”. Note that a “platter” is a dish with a variety of foods on it. We have to know what is served in a seafood platter with oysters.

    • We can assume that the answer is a noun.

    • Ella mentions the keywords seafood platter” and “oysters, saying that there is a seafood platter, with crabs , oysters,... A seafood platter includes crabs and oysters; therefore, the answer is crabs.

  • 3 Answer: 45
    • The keywords in Q3 are “Meal D” and “cost”. We have to know the cost of Meal D.

    • We can assume that the answer is a number.

    • Marcus mentions the keyword Meal D. Then, Ella asks “How much is it?”, which means she is asking the cost of this set. Marcus replies that it is $45. Therefore, the answer is 45.

  • 4 Answer: lamb
    • The keywords in Q4 are “Meal D” and “consists of”. We have to know what is included in Meal D.

    • We can assume that the answer is a noun.

    • Marcus directly says that the main meal is lamb. Then, he also mentions soup, dessert, coffee which are already written in the note. Therefore, the answer is lamb.

  • 5 Answer: chicken
    • The keyword in Q5 is “soup”. We have to know what kind of soup is included in Meal D.

    • We can assume that the answer is a noun.

    • Ella mentions the keyword soup, asking what the soup is. Marcus then lists several seafoods (lobster, prawn, clam); however, those are for Meal A, B, and C. Hence, lobster, prawn, clam are not correct. Marcus also says that theirs (their soup - soup of Meal D) is chicken. Therefore, the answer is chicken.

Questions 6-10

Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C.


The function will take place on the: 

  • A
  • B
  • C
Answer: B
  • The keywords in Q6 are “function” and “on”. We have to know when the function will take place. Note that a “function” is a ceremony.

  • Marcus mentions the 20th anniversary and suggests the 14th, saying “what about the 14th?”. However, Ella then replies that it should be the 18th. Therefore, the answer is B.


 It will start at: 

  • A
  • B
  • C
Answer: B
  • The keywords in Q7 are “start” and “at”. We have to know when the function will start.

  • Ella mentions the phrase “the starting time”, which means they are going to talk about when the function will start. Marcus then lists all three options: 7pm, 7,30, 8pm. Next, Ella says that 8pm is too late while 7pm might be too early, and she suggests to take the middle time, which is 7.30pm. Marcus also agrees with her, saying “let’s do that”. Therefore, the answer is B.


The dress code will be: 

  • A
  • B
  • C
Answer: A
  • The keywords in Q8 are “dress code”. Note that “dress code” is an accepted way of dressing for a particular occasion. We have to know more about the way people have to dress when attending the function.

  • Because Ella mentions “clothes”, we could guess that they are going to talk about dress code. Marcus then says that they do not want jeans and jogging shoes or formal dress. Note that “jeans and jogging shoes” are casual clothes. Next, Ella suggests to choose smart casual, and Marcus agrees with her. Therefore, the answer is A.


Guests can:

  • A
  • B
  • C
Answer: C
  • The keyword in Q9 is “smoke”. We have to know whether guests can smoke.

  • Because Marcus directly asks “should we allow smoking?”, we could guess that they are going to talk about smoking. Ella asks him if the hotel allows smoking, and Marcus replies that the hotel does allow smoking in designated areas. Note that “area” is a synonym for “place” while “designated” means “special” in this context. Ella then says that she would like to ban it - smoking - completely; however, this is just her own opinion. She also says that they could follow the hotel’s policy, which means that guests can smoke in special places. Therefore, the answer is C.


Guests should bring a: 

  • A
  • B
  • C
Answer: B
  • The keyword in Q10 is “bring”. We have to know what guests should bring to the function.

  • Ella mentions the phrase “whether the guests should bring anything with them”. Marcus then guesses it is a card. However, Ella replies “No”, saying that it is a present. Note that “a present” is also “a gift”. Hence, the answer is B.

  • Ella also mentions “a large box”; however, this is just for containing presents that guests bring to the function. Therefore, B is not correct.

Section 1
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You will hear two colleagues, Marcus and Ella, discussing details about the coming office party.

Marcus: Okay Ella. As you know, you and I have to make the big decision about in which restaurant we are going to hold our office celebration.

Ella: Well, we’re celebrating 20 years of operation, so I think it has to be a good restaurant -something which will really impress people, and make them think better of the company.

Marcus:  We do have a budget, though. It’s... how much?

Ella: $2,000, and that should be enough for a good meal.

Marcus: Actually, it’s $3,000, not $2,000. Iconfirmed that today.

Ella: That should be enough for a great meal, then.

Marcus: Well, this is a significant milestone. So, should we go for a buffet meal at a local hotel? All you can eat? Something like that?

Ella: The Chestfield Hotel has good food. I’ve eaten there before. Very impressive.

Marcus: Yes, I’ve got the brochure here. Do you know how much it costs? The full buffet banquet is beyond us, I’m afraid.

Ella: Yes, but we don’t have to get the banquet. They have set meals for cheaper prices. Show me the brochure. What about this? Set Meal C is $50 a head, and that’s just within our price range. It includes a main meal with prawns, and there’s other seafood as well. Look, there’s even a seafood platter, with crabs , oysters, everything you like.

Marcus: But not everyone likes seafood. Let me see the brochure. Actually, Set Meal D looks better to me -more meat-based.

Ella: How much is it?

Marcus:  Meal A is $70, B is $60, and so on, so D is even cheaper, at $45.

Ella: Okay, and we could spend the money we save on other things, such as a lottery present, or something.

Marcus: The main meal is lamb , and everyone likes that, right? It comes with soup, dessert, coffee, all the frills that you’d expect.

Ella: What’s the soup?

Marcus: Actually, all the meals come with soup. Meal A is lobster soup, B is prawn, C is clam - but ours is chicken.

Ella: Ah, T like that. Chicken is simple but tasty. All those seafood soups are not nearly as nice.

Marcus: So, why don’t we take Meal D then?

Ella: Alright, we’ve picked the restaurant and meal for this celebration, so that just leaves the time and date to be decided.

Marcus: We need to do it soon. This month is the 20th anniversary, so what about the 14th?

Ella: 14th? Hmmm, but wouldn’t it be belter to do it after the end-of-quarter reports are handed in? That way everyone will feel more relaxed. That’s the 18th , after the middle of the month.

Marcus: Good thinking. That’s why you’re the office manager, and I’m not.

Ella: Ha ha. And that leaves the starting time. After work, but not too late, right?

Marcus: Well, any time is fine, I should think. 7 pm, 7,30, 8 pm. Does it really matter?

Ella: Not too late, though. 8 pm is too late. 7 pm might be too early for those submitting the end-of-day accounts. Split the difference then. Take the middle time. That will please everyone.

Marcus: Sounds fine by me. Let’s do that, then. Now, that leaves the minor details, you know, about clothes, and what to bring, and...

Ella: Clothes! Isn’t this an informal event?

Marcus: Yes, but it is an anniversary, and we don’t want people in jeans and jogging shoes. We don’t necessarily want formal dress, either.

Ella: I agree. Formal is too... well... formal. Smart casual is better. Let’s just say ‘smart casual’, okay?

Marcus: Okay. And should we allow smoking?

Ella: Isn’t that the hotel’s decision? Do they allow smoking?

Marcus: They do - in designated areas, well away from the eating tables.

Ella: Personally I hate smoking, and would like to ban it completely from this function, but, to be reasonable, I think we can just follow the hotel’s policy. If they allow it, so can we.

Marcus: Okay, that sounds fine. That just leaves... ah...

Ella: ...whether the guests should bring anything with them. I think it would be a nice idea if everyone brought a...

Marcus: Let me guess. A card, right? A ‘getting-to-know-you’ card?

Ella: No. A present! A small present, of course, to be put into a large box, and then everyone can reach inside and pull out something. A lucky dip! That should be a good laugh, don’t you think?

Marcus: Great idea!