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Francis C.

Expert IELTS instructor and assessor

1 live lessons
  • Francis is an experienced IELTS examiner from the UK. He has been living in China for the past 8 years, during which time he was a qualified IELTS examiner, taught in several prestigious Chinese universities, and prepared numerous students for all parts of the IELTS test. Francis is available for one-to-one IELTS tuition here:
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IELTS Speaking: Talking about People

In our free interactive webinar this week, our experienced IELTS expert Francis will help you get a great score in the IELTS Speaking test by focusing on a very common exam topic - talking about and describing people.You'll be able to

Other IELTS teachers

Annelie P.

Expert IELTS instructor and assessor

116 live lessons
Annelie is an experienced IELTS Assessor and Teacher with over 25 years experience in the TEFL industry.
Kieran M.

Expert IELTS instructor and assessor

26 live lessons
Kieran is a native English speaker from London and has been teaching English for 2 years. He is CELTA-qualified, and received a merit for excellent teaching skills. Kieran has been teaching at all levels from pre-A1 to C2 in different academies. He is particularly familiar with the Cambridge syllabus. Kieran can help you to practice all skills, especially to help you understand grammar (in a fun way!) and to give extended answers when speaking.
Stephen E.

Expert IELTS instructor and assessor

30 live lessons
An IELTS trainer and former examiner from the UK, Stephen has over 14 years' experience helping to prepare thousands of students to take the IELTS test and for life at an overseas university.