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Jamie A.

Expert IELTS instructor and assessor

4 live lessons
  • Jamie is an experienced examiner and IELTS trainer from Edinburgh in the UK. He has over 10 years experience helping students to succeed in the IELTS test. He has taught in the UK, the Middle East, and Taiwan, focusing on exam preparation, English for Specific Purposes, and ESOL.
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Previous Live Lessons

06:00 AM
(GMT -4)

Current IELTS Speaking Test Questions & Topics (January to April 2020)

In this free interactive webinar, our IELTS expert will guide us through current test questions and topics that students have reported in the Speaking Test recently. We'll discuss how to best answer these questions and tackle any diff
09:00 AM
(GMT -4)

Academic Writing Task 1 - Complex Charts

In this free interactive webinar, our IELTS expert will show us how to answer a challenging Task 1 question type - describing a complex chart. You'll have the opportunity to give example answers, receive feedback, and ask questions th
11:00 AM
(GMT -4)

Chat with an IELTS Examiner

Join a small group Q&A with a qualified IELTS examiner. You’ll have the opportunity to speak and ask questions about any aspect of the test. Our IELTS expert Jamie can give you exact answers and advice with the most up to date informa
$2.00 ~EUR 1.84
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09:00 AM
(GMT -4)

IELTS Academic Writing Task 2: Discuss Both Views

In this week's free webinar, IELTS expert Jamie will guide us through how to answer this common Task 1 question type. You'll be able suggest answers and receive feedback throughout the webinar, along with a Q&A session to discuss

Other IELTS teachers

Justin T.

Expert IELTS instructor and assessor

13 live lessons
Justin is a native English speaker from The United States. He has been teaching English for 5 years with the majority of his teaching career spent specializing in the IELTS and TOEFL exams. He has a BA of Linguistics, TEFL certification, IELTS coaching certification. Justin has helped professionals, students, businesses, and schools in various ways through his courses and collaborative mindset.
Samuel T.

Expert IELTS instructor and assessor

28 live lessons
Samuel is an IELTS instructor from the UK. He has over six years' examiner experience with British Council, and has prepared and delivered IELTS preparation courses at several universities for a decade. He is able to diagnose students' needs quickly and efficiently, and specialises in empowering students to achieve and go beyond band 7.
Annelie P.

Expert IELTS instructor and assessor

116 live lessons
Annelie is an experienced IELTS Assessor and Teacher with over 25 years experience in the TEFL industry.