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Descriptive adjective definition, usages and examples

Descriptive adjective definition, usages and examples

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Descriptive adjectives are one of the most common types of adjectives. They provide specific details, descriptions, or qualities about a noun, enhancing the understanding and adding depth to the sentence.

Here are some important points about descriptive adjectives:

  1. Definition: Descriptive adjectives modify nouns by providing additional information about their appearance, size, shape, color, condition, or other qualities.

  2. Placement: Descriptive adjectives generally come before the noun they modify, but they can also follow certain linking verbs like "be," "seem," or "appear."

    • Example:
      • "The beautiful flower." (Adjective before the noun)
      • "The flower is beautiful." (Adjective after the linking verb "is.")
  3. Examples:

    • Appearance:
      • beautiful, ugly, stunning, attractive, elegant.
    • Size:
      • big, small, tall, short, enormous.
    • Color:
      • red, blue, green, yellow, black.
    • Shape:
      • round, square, triangular, rectangular.
    • Texture:
      • soft, smooth, rough, coarse.
    • Condition:
      • new, old, broken, shiny.
  4. Modifying Comparisons: Descriptive adjectives can also be used in comparative and superlative forms to compare or express degrees of comparison.

    • Comparative:
      • taller, more beautiful.
    • Superlative:
      • tallest, most beautiful.
  5. Multiple Descriptive Adjectives: It's common to use multiple descriptive adjectives together to provide more specific and vivid descriptions. The order of multiple adjectives is often determined by the following sequence: opinion, size, age, shape, color, origin, material, purpose.

    • Example:
      • "A beautiful, old, wooden chest."
  6. Subject-Verb Agreement: Descriptive adjectives must agree with the noun they modify in terms of number and gender.

    • Example:
      • "The red apples." (plural noun)
      • "The tall building." (singular noun)


Descriptive adjectives play a crucial role in vividly portraying people, places, things, and ideas. By carefully selecting and placing descriptive adjectives, you can create more engaging and precise descriptions, making your writing or speech more captivating and colorful.