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When and where can you take IELTS in 2019?

When and where can you take IELTS in 2019?

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05 Feb 2019

When can you take IELTS? Where can you take it? Find out yours here.


Looking to take your IELTS exam this year and fulfil your dream? Not sure when you can take the exam thus how to plan your exam preparation? No worries, here is the full exam timetable for IELTS 2019:



To find out when and where you can take your IELTS at your country, you can do so via search function on British Council website:


Simply click 'Book Now' and you can select your country and begin the booking process. 

If you are taking IELTS for visa proposes (UKVI), then you should book it through here:



Finally, make sure you choose the correct IELTS exam: Academic or General Training.


If you need help getting the target score in the upcoming exam, don't forget that we offer examiner service that can greatly improve your IELTS skills in a short period of time. Have a look at our Premium Service.

Hope everyone can achieve their goals in 2019!




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