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Speaking Test Challenge

Speaking Test Challenge

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Speaking is one of the most challenging IELTS skills. To rise to the IELTS Speaking challenge, you need some good IELTS Speaking practice. 

Let's think about the part 3 of this speaking topic: "Water-based leisure activities"


"What do people enjoy doing when they visit rivers, lakes or the sea? Why do you think these activities are popular?

What benefits do you think people get from the activities they enjoy in the water?

What are the different advantages of going to the sea or to a swimming pool to enjoy yourself? What do you think the disadvantages are?"


Let's send us your 2-minute audio about this topic.

(Email us at: hi@ieltsonlinetests.com)

Note: you can send us the audio file or youtube/soundcloud link

We will choose one or two of the best audios in our website next week and your name may be in our home page in "The best speaker in the month" section!

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