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IELTS test results

IELTS test results

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All candidates taking IELTS in the British Council centres can now get their results on the 13th day after the test day of the test using the IELTS online results service

Each test result will be available for viewing online for 28 days, after which the information will be deleted automatically.

You can check your results here at: https://ielts.britishcouncil.org/checkresults.aspx

Test scores are also recorded on an official Test Report Form (TRF), showing overall ability, as well as performance in listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Please note that each candidate receives only one copy of the Test Report Form.

You can view your results online on the morning of the 13th day after the test. The system will not display results older than 28 days after the test.

Within one month of the test date, you may request up to five additional copies to be sent to academic institutions/government agencies/professional bodies/employers for free (but not for the non-government migration or education agents, individual). An administrative fee will be charged for any further copies.

You may apply for further copies of the Test Report Form for a period of two years from the examination date. Additional copies can be sent only to receiving institutions, not given to candidates. Each copy will be charged.

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