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Prepare for IELTS General Training Volume 2 Speaking Practice Test 2

Question list

  • Is it a place where tourists go?

  • What facilities are there in your area for young people?

  • Would you like to live somewhere else?

  • What would you change about your hometown if you could?

  • •    what you did

    •    who you spent time with

    •    how you felt about the things you had to do

    and explain what you enjoyed most about your daily life growing up.

  • In what way is the relationship between parents and young children different when the children get older?

  • What causes the most arguments between parents and their children?

  • What is the most difficult stage of growing up - life as a young child or life as a teenager?

  • Do you think teenagers today enjoy more freedom in their lives than they used to in the past?

  • Who do teenagers in your country look up to?

  • Do you think the people they look up to are good role models?

  • Do you agree with the saying ‘your school days are the best days of your life?

  • What do teenagers worry about in their day-to-day lives?

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