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Reading ( 2 Types of Questions & Time Management Strategies)

Reading ( 2 Types of Questions & Time Management Strategies)

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Live Lesson Information

  • 20/12/2020
  • 800+ Attendees
  • 05:30 - 06:30 (GMT -4)
  • Free
  • English
Vandana V.
Certified TEFL trainer
Vandana is a certified TEFL trainer with Plus Prep, with 9+ Years of training experience, training students on IELTS across India and Overseas.

About this live lesson

In this free interactive webinar, our IELTS expert will help us be ready to answer two main question types for the Reading module (True/ False/ Not Given and Headings). Participants will have the opportunity to give example answers throughout the webinar and ask questions during the Q&A.

Key content

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • manage time to complete the questions
  • use different strategies to read (Skimming/ Scanning)
  • use top to bottom approach to read text quickly
  • identify True/ False/ Not Given statements accurately
  • choose correct heading options for the paragraphs

Who else is joining

Saudi Arabia
Leila Ahmedzade
S M Zaman Mishu

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