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Craft and Technology -  “All That Remains”

Craft and Technology - “All That Remains”

Webinar should appeal to graphic design/ visual communication, illustration and photography students.


Live Lesson Information

  • 07/02/2020
  • 450+ Attendees
  • 15:00 - 16:00 (GMT +0)
  • Free
  • English
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Neil B.
Programme Director of Fashion Textile

Neil Bottle is an academic, an active researcher and textiles designer with over 30 years' international experience in the fashion textiles industry. His work is held in collections throughout the world.

About this live lesson

The “All That Remains” body of work was created as celebration of 30 years working as a creative practitioner. Nostalgia, in the context of the digital age, is a key focus in the work and through the work I aim to reconnect and remember the precious fragments of my archive of family photographs. My context is an autobiographical narrative printed onto cloth, a memory bank, in which both physical photographic prints and digitally captured images are deconstructed and re-presented, the familiarity of which resonates and references one’s own values and connections with our past, present and future. I reference contemporary photographic theory which explores the influence of social media on human behaviour.

Key content

In a societal context our connection to our past is rapidly diminishing as the materiality of our physical world and spoken word as communication are replaced with digital platforms. I aim to evoke a collective experience of nostalgia, to invite curiosity and discussion about the way we recall past memory, interact with digitally created images and consider the value of the physical artefact in a virtual world. The linking of past memories, people and experiences creates both an emotional response and empathy for one’s own personal story.

Who else is joining

nora fahad
United Kingdom
Lan Anh Dong
450+ More

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