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IELTS Recent Mock Tests Volume 1

IELTS Recent Mock Tests Volume 1

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  • Published on: 06 Dec 2017
  • Tests taken: 5,879,438

Answer Keys:

Part 1: Question 1 - 10
  • 1 Southwest
  • 2 double(s)
  • 3 office
  • 4 lounge
  • 5 A
  • 6 B
  • 7 B
  • 8 Amyes
  • 9 Thursday
  • 10 three/3
Part 2: Question 11 - 20
  • 11 A
  • 12 C
  • 13 A
  • 14 B
  • 15 C
  • 16 B
  • 17 B
  • 18 paper
  • 19 package labels
  • 20 2 to 10/two to ten
Part 3: Question 21 - 30
  • 21 B
  • 22 D
  • 23 C
  • 24 A
  • 25 F
  • 26 E
  • 27 pink and yellow
  • 28 subject
  • 29 universities
  • 30 (labelled) blue folder
Part 4: Question 31 - 40
  • 31 B
  • 32 A
  • 33 C
  • 34 A
  • 35 C
  • 36 8/eight
  • 37 depth
  • 38 afraid of
  • 39 attack
  • 40 migration patterns


Danah Almutairi 9.015:53
Thanh Huyen 9.015:59
Gavin Nguyen 9.016:03
4 tien Tran 9.016:13
5 Fatkhaziz Mukhamedov 9.016:19
6 Rachel Hoang 9.016:31
7 Himanshu Garg 9.016:34
8 Keremet Zhumabayeva 9.016:40
9 Hồ Ngàn 9.016:42
10 Dhaval Potdar 9.017:34

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Review & Explanations:

Part 1: Questions 1-10

Questions 1-4

Complete the form below.

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.





Barbara Hill


1 London




two 2 bedrooms

The other room used as:

an 3


kitchen-diner, conservatory, and 4


2 dogs and 3 cats

  • 1 Answer: Southwest
    • the words which lead you to the answer are underlined.

    • the word/number you must write for the answer is marked.

    • words which you might wrongly think could be the answer are in italics.

    • The keywords in Q1 must be ‘location’ and ‘London’.

    • From the question, we predict the answer to be an area or a direction in London. However, we note that there is no preposition ‘in’ before London. Thus, the answer must be a direction which is ‘Southwest’, not an area. Therefore, the answer ‘Kingston’ won’t be accepted.

    • Besides, the answer Southwest London’ is repeated by the agent to confirm.



  • 2 Answer: double(s)
    • The keywords in Q2 are ‘two’ and ‘bedrooms’.

    • From the keyword, we anticipate that the answer would be a type of bedroom.

    • First, we hear the customer talking about her ‘two bedrooms’. Then the agent asks for the type of bedrooms which is ‘single or double’. The customer’s response is ‘doubles’ and it is confirmed by the agent (Fine, two doubles). Hence, ‘doubles’ is the answer (can be singular (double) or plural form (doubles).

  • 3 Answer: office
    • The keywords in Q3 are ‘the other room’ and ‘used as’.

    • The keywords suggest the answer should be a kind of room (bathroom, living room, ect).

    • As we hear ‘one more room’, we know it is talking about ‘the other room’. At first the customer said the room ‘used as a bedroom’ but it was in the past, so it’s not the correct answer. Listening to the next clause, we notice the room is converted (changed) into an office. Thus, we are able to write the right answer which is ‘office’.

    • We also note that the article before the blank is ‘an’, not ‘a’ so ‘bedroom’ can not be the answer, the answer is ‘office’.

  • 4 Answer: lounge
    • The keyword in Q4 is ‘downstairs’. The clues for us are kitchen-diner’ and ‘ conservatory’.

    • Based on the keywords and clues we have to listen carefully when the speaker mention Then, downstairs we have a kitchen-diner, conservatory  and…’

    • After ‘conservatory’ the speaker talks about ‘lounge’. Thus, ‘lounge’ is the answer.

    • Note that the customer then describes these 3 rooms in the same order. After describing the conservatory she talks about the ‘lounge’. Hence, we are able to confirm our answer.

Questions 5-7

Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C.


Which of these extra services does the customer agree to do?

  • A
  • B
  • C
Answer: A
  • The keywords in Q5 are ‘extra services’, ‘the customer’, ‘agree to do’.

  • As we listen we hear the agent asks ‘Any extra services you need’ so that signposts us to the answer of Q3.

  • We notice the agent mentions all the options A, B, C. However, the question doesn’t ask for which services the agent recommends but asks for which ones the customer ‘agree to do’. Therefore, we need to listen more. Then we hear the customer’s response. First, she hesitates and then decides to replacing the bed linen.

  • Thus, A is the answer.


What does the customer want cleaned every three months?

  • A
  • B
  • C
Answer: B
  • The keywords in Q6 are the customer’, ‘want cleaned’, ‘every three months’.

  • As we can see, all options are mentioned so we have to differentiate them.

+ A. Curtains. The customer says ‘The curtains... I'll have to think about that’ which means she hasn’t decided yet. Hence, A’s not the answer.

+ C. Mats. We hear ‘Mats can just be done with the laundry’. There is no information about how often the mats have to be cleaned. Thus, C is also not the correct answer.

+ B. Carpets. Note the customer’s reply when she says ‘I think we should have the carpets cleaned really well every quarter.’ ‘Every quarter’ is similar to ‘every three months’.

Therefore, B is our answer.


What does the customer want done with clothes?

  • A
  • B
  • C
Answer: B
  • The keywords in Q7 are ‘customer’, ‘want done with clothes’.

  • We start listening carefully when the agent says ‘How about clothes’. He suggests ‘wash and iron’ and also ‘dry cleaner’s. However, they are not the answer as the question asks for ‘What does the customer want done with clothes?

  • Listening more, we hear at first the customer says ‘washing and ironing’ but then makes up her mind to have ‘just ironing’. So B is the answer.

Questions 8-10

Complete the sentences below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

The agent’s address is 12  8 Road.

Her house will get cleaned next 9

The maximum time of cleaning service is 10   hours

  • 8 Answer: Amyes
    • The keyword in Q8 is ‘agent’s address’.

    • In the audio we hear they not use ‘address’ but use the verb ‘locate’ which indicates the place. That’s our signpost.

    • The agent states that his location is on 12 Amyes Road and then spell it. Based on the spelling we can write the correct answer which is ‘Amyes’

  • 9 Answer: Thursday
    • The keywords in Q9 are Her house’, ‘get cleaned’,  ‘next’

    • Based on the keywords we can assume that the answer will be related to time. That’s why we link it to the agent saying ‘when is convenient for you’.

    • At first, she chose ‘Next Friday’ but then said ‘that’s no good’. Therefore ‘Friday’ is not the answer.

    • After that, she suggested to be ‘next Thursday or next Saturday’. The phrase ‘Let me check’ indicates that she is going to have her final decision. Then she said ‘OK, Thursday’. Hence, Thursday is the correct answer.

  • 10 Answer: three/3
    • The keywords in Q10 are ‘the maximum time’ and ‘cleaning service’

    • From the question, we predict to listen to an amount of time. Besides, we must notice the unit (hours, minutes….)

    • As we are seeking for an amount of time, we have to pay attention to the customer’s question starting with ‘how long’ (how long would it take for the service

    • The agent answers that it takes’ ‘three hours at most’ which is the same as the maximum time is three hours. Hence the answer is ‘three hours’ or ‘3 hours’ (because the words limited are one word and/or a number)

Part 1
Change Audio Sources

Source 1

Source 2



Agent: Good morning. City House Services. How may I help you?

CUSTOMER: Good morning. I’d like to arrange to have my house cleaned.

AGENT: Certainly. I just need to ask a few questions. First, could I take your name?

CUSTOMER: Yes, it’s Barbara Hill. Example

AGENT: Thank you. Next, is your house in London?

CUSTOMER: Yes, it’s in Kingston in Southwest London.

AGENT: OK, Southwest London and... er, what’s the postcode?


AGENT: And what is the square footage and what rooms will we be cleaning?

CUSTOMER: The whole house is 268 square feet, and there is no need to clean all the rooms. I only want to have my bedrooms cleaned.

AGENT: OK, how many bedrooms does the house have?

CUSTOMER: Three bedrooms. Oh no, sorry, we used to have three bedrooms, but we only have two bedrooms now.

AGENT: Are those single bedrooms or doubles?

CUSTOMER: Doubles.

AGENT: Fine, two doubles...

CUSTOMER: There is one more room which needs cleaning. It was used as a bedroom before, and now we have converted it into an office.

AGENT: I understand. Three rooms have got to be cleaned, and are all of those rooms upstairs?

CUSTOMER: Yes. Then, downstairs we have a kitchen-diner, conserva­tory, and lounge. The kitchen-diner is quite large and has the usual equipment - cooker with oven, refriger­ator, cupboards, and worktops. The conservatory has a lot of plants, but there’s no need to take care of them. The lounge has a leather three-piece suite and a large coffee table.

AGENT. Thank you. And do you keep any pets?

CUSTOMER: Yeah, I really love keeping them. I’ve got two dogs and three cats.

AGENT: OK, then if our staff come over to offer the service, please take your pets away. Have you looked at our services packages?

CUSTOMER: Yes, I have one in front of me.

AGENT: Excellent.

AGENT: Any extra services you need - switching bed linen, work­ing in the garden, cleaning the glass in the conservatory, that kind of thing?

CUSTOMER: Err... no... err... actually, replacing the bed linen ...yes... that would be good.

AGENT: No problem. I’ll just make a note of that. How about cur­tains, mats, and carpets? What would you like us to do with those items?

CUSTOMER: The curtains... I'll have to think about that. I think we should have the carpets cleaned really well every quarter. Mats can just be done with the laundry.

AGENT:  Of course. How about clothes? We can have our staff wash and iron them, or we can have them taken to a dry cleaner’s.

CUSTOMER: Washing and ironing. No, just ironing. That’ll be OK..

AGENT: OK, fine. I know quite a bit about what you want now. I should let you know that we locate on 12 Amyes Road, that’s A-M-Y-E-S.


AGENT: And we work from Monday to Sunday except Tuesday and Wednesday. Could you let me know when is conveni­ent for you?

CUSTOMER: Next Friday... err... no, that’s no good. My son invites his friends over in the afternoon that day. Perhaps next Thursday or next Saturday. Let me check, OK, next Thursday.

AGENT: When is it convenient for us to come over and provide the service? Is it OK if we come in the morning? Or we may come in the afternoon? It depends on your schedule.
I'm OK with any time. Just give me a call to let me know you’re coming before you arrive.

AGENT: Sure, we will.

CUSTOMER:By the way, how long would it take for the service?

AGENT: We usually work 1-3 hours for house cleaning, and the work will take three hours at most. And of course, if it takes more than three hours, you should pay extra for it.

CUSTOMER:Er... fine.

AGENT:   So, let me just do some calculations...