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IELTS Practice Tests Plus Volume 3 Speaking Practice Test 7

Question list

  • Tell me about your country.

    Which part of the country are you from?

  • Has your family always lived there?

  • Do you like living in your country? Why/Why not?

  • Is your country changing a lot? How?

  • Let’s talk about shops.

    Do you enjoy going shopping? Why?

  • In your country, what time do shops generally open?

  • What would you recommend visitors to your country to buy? Why?

  • How are shops changing in your country? Why?

  • Describe an occasion when you met someone you hadn’t seen for several years.

    You should say:

    how and when you met the person who the person was

    how long it was since you had last seen him/her and explain

    how you felt about meeting this person again.

  • Now let’s talk about keeping in contact with people we know.

    In what different ways can people keep in touch with each other?

  • How important do you think it is to keep in touch with friends? Why/Why not? 

  • Which way of keeping in touch do you think is most popular with young people?

  • Now let’s consider the ways in which people change as they grow older.

    What are the reasons why people change as they grow older?

  • Why do you think some people change more than others?

  • At about what age do you think people change the most? Why/Why not?

  • Now let’s discuss long-term relationships.

    How valuable do you think long-term friendships are compared with new relationships? Why/Why not?

  • Do you agree that maintaining long-term relationships sometimes requires effort? Why/Why not?

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