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IELTS Practice Tests Plus Volume 2 Speaking Practice Test 4

Question list

  • Can you tell me your full name?

  • What shall I call you?

  • Which country do you come from?

  • Where abouts is your home town?

  • Tell me about the countryside outside your town.

  • Now let's talk about your family.

    How big is your family?

  • How often do you spend time together?

  • What do you enjoy doing as a family?

  • How do you keep in touch with members of your family?

  • Describe something you bought that you were not happy with.

    You should say:

    what you bought

    why you were not happy with it

    what you did with it

    Explain how you felt about the situation.

  • Let's consider the kinds of products people buy in your country.

    Are there more goods available in shops now than in the past? Why / Why not?

  • Do people generally prefer to buy products from their own or from other countries?

  • What kinds of products are most affected by fashions from other countries? 

  • Will overseas trends and fashions have more or less impact on what people buy in the future?

  • Now let's think about protecting consumers.

    What kind of techniques do advertisers use to persuade people to buy more? 

  • Who should be responsible for the quality of products: producers, shops or customers?

  • How could governments protect the rights of consumers?

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