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IELTS Practice Tests Plus Volume 2 Speaking Practice Test 3

Question list

  • What's your name?

  • Where do you come from?

  • Tell me about the place you grew up in.

    What did young people do in their free time there?

  • Now let’s talk about sport.

    How popular is sport in your country?

  • Do most people play sport or watch it on TV? Why?

  • Did you do any sport when you were a child? Which?

  • Do you play any sport now? Why / Why not?

  • Is sport important for people today? Why / Why not?

  • Describe a person that you met recently and liked.

    You should say:

    who this person is

    what you were doing at the time

    how you met him / her

    Explain why you liked this person.

  • Let’s think about friends and friendship generally.

    How do people usually meet new friends where you live?

  • Is it easier for adults or children to make new friends? Why?

  • How are relationships with friends different from relationships at work / college?

  • Is it possible for people to be close friends with their boss or teacher? Why / Why not?

  • Now let’s consider the importance of friends.

    Some people think that friends can never be as important as family. Do you agree?

  • How are responsibilities towards friends and family different?

  • Will the relative importance of friends and family change in future societies?

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