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Speaking Practice Test 2


1. Do you like to watch sports on TV?

Not at all! I despise (hate) it. I get extremely bored and disinterested. I usually try to avoid watching sports on TV at all costs unless it’s an exciting event, like the World Cup or Super Bowl. In that case, I go for the social event rather than the game itself.

2. Do you play any sports?

Not anymore. I was an avid (enthusiastic) swimmer as a child, but I gave that up after high school, as it was quite time-consuming. Nowadays, I enjoy going to the gym, running around the lake by my house, and going on mountain treks. I’m not sure if these are considered sports, but I’m really into physical activity.

3. Which is the popular sports in your country?

Soccer of course! As soccer is the sport of the world, that would be number one. People go wild when our team wins a game- they even drive around waving flags, blocking off the streets! Apart from this, many people enjoy playing tennis and doing martial arts.

4. Who is your favorite sports star?

As I’m not a big sports fan, I don’t really have one. However, I think I may like Cristiano Ronaldo. Although I don’t know anything about him or his athletic abilities, I think I’ve always been drawn to him (attracted to) because of his looks.

5. What kinds of sports would you like to try in the future?

I’m really intrigued by soccer. I think it’s something that can really connect people, as well as is good cardiovascular and coordination activity. Actually, I wish I had gotten into it as a child. I think it would be interesting to join a league in my city.


Describe a place where you like to study (either indoor or outdoor).

You should say:

  • where it is
  • when you study there
  • what you study there

and explain why you like to study there.

Model Answer:

Do I like to study indoor or outdoor? Well, that depends on what I am studying, and how difficult is the reading materials. But, if I am asked to pick one, I would certainly go with “indoor”, which means either it has to be in a room or in a library. This time, I will go with a library – a public library that is.

My favourite public library is not really very far from where I live. Conveniently located at the centre of my home town, it is only about 10 minutes drive from my home if riding in a car. Being considered as one of the largest libraries in my country with a huge – I mean really “huge”- collection of books, you can pretty much read anything and everything there. But, for me, it is all about research works, as a post-graduate student, for my chemistry thesis paper. I go there to study mostly during the evening times since it is a lot less crowded during that period.

I like to study in our public library mainly because I get to study a lot of materials there when I am really in a “mood”.  But, when I become a bit exhausted after studying chemistry and its formulas, I can easily read other kinds of materials whether it is a newspaper or journal. I can even watch some educational movies! I like to study there also because it offers a great research environment with almost no distraction to deal with. In fact, the library has a separate research corner for research students like us.

Finally, I go to study there also because I become a bit more motivated and inspired after seeing so many students studying around me. So, I guess it is fair to say that my library is very much like a trusted study partner which is always there for me when I need it.



Jean-Pascal Meimers 9.0
Atinuke Ajayi 8.5
Chun Yan Tung 8.5
4 Dy Polin Ly 8.5
5 Ramneek Kundra 8.5
6 gksriharsha 8.5
7 itsbadhri 8.5
8 pu.wall-2019 8.5
9 Hemlata Murali 8.0
10 Luke Mitsumine 8.0

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