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IELTS Practice Test Volume 7

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Published on: 07 Oct 2019

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Tests Taken: 165,364

Listening Practice Test 1

Answer Keys:

  • 1 9301274
  • 2 863 5923
  • 3 5791857
  • 4 B
  • 5 B
  • 6 C
  • 7 R
  • 8 A
  • 9 A
  • 10 OL
  • 11 A
  • 12 B
  • 13 A
  • 14 A
  • 15 B
  • 16 C
  • 17 life cycle/lifecycle
  • 18 (much/far) greater/more/ increased flexibility
  • 19 permanent (or) tenured
  • 20 work from home/telecommute
  • 21 A
  • 22 C
  • 23 C
  • 24 A
  • 25 B
  • 26 C
  • 27 B
  • 28 A
  • 29 B
  • 30 C
  • 31 behaviour
  • 32 job satisfaction
  • 33 19th/nineteenth
  • 34 (making) money
  • 35 in teams
  • 36 basic
  • 37 status
  • 38 55%
  • 39 40%
  • 40 B


Khánh HƯng 9.034:11
brown boy 8.520:07
Ủ Đăng Khoa 8.523:49
4 Atikan Saengwan 8.531:48
5 lovelygirl.nish 8.535:10
6 Ansar Mehmood 8.024:04
7 Phong Phong 8.026:10
8 Kanev Kapoor 8.026:18
9 Navlin Nogi 8.027:03
10 Nguyet Anh Ngo 8.027:52

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Review & Explanations:

Section 1: Questions 1-10

Questions 1-3

Complete the form below.

Write A NUMBER for each answer.


Name:Example: Lester Mackie
Membership No.:M 1
Mailing address:17 Westmead Road, Annandale
Fax No.: 2
Phone No.:02 579 6363
After 5:00 p.m. 3
  • 1 Answer: 9301274
    • The keyword concerned in Q1 is membership number

    • The question states that the answers can only be numbers

    • Mackie starts off as M 301 which leads us that this is the answer but is interrupted by the Librarian saying M930; after which Mackie says m9 301 274. Hence m9 301 274 is the right answer.

  • 2 Answer: 863 5923
    • The keyword concerned in Q2 is fax number

    • The librarian is asking about Mackie’s phone number and fax number

    • Mackie starts saying 863 5923 .

    • Hence the answer is 863 5923 .

  • 3 Answer: 5791857
    • The keyword concerned in Q3 is after 5:00 p.m.

    • Mackie mentions that the daytime phone number is oh two five seven nine six three six three he then proceds to provide the after 5:00 p.m. number which is 579 one 857

    • Hence 579 one 857 is the answer

Questions 4-6

Circle the correct answer for each question.


Why does the caller need the literature?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
Answer: B
  • In Q4 since it is multiple choice underline the keywords from each option

  • The librarian asks Mackie why does he need the books, so we know that the answer is coming in mackies next sentence.

  • Eg. Keywords for

  1. Option 1 is student paper

  2. Option 2 is newspaper article

  3. Option 3 is research

  4. Option 4 is general interest

  • Mackie mentions that he is preparing a short article for the environment section of the local newspaper

  • Hence option B is the right answer


How long can the caller have the books after the date of posting?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
Answer: B
  • Now, Q5 asks ‘How long can the caller have the books after the date of posting?’

  • Key point to keep in mind here is after the date of posting.

  • Mackie asks the question that how long can he keep the book for, so we know that the answer will in the librarians sentence

  • She says that our normal loan period is three weeks this misleads us into thinking that option A is the answer.

  • But, upon further hearing the librarian mentions that they have longer initial loan period in case of post, which is Mackie’s preferred means as we learned in the initial part of the recording

  • The librarian then goes on to say that in such cases i.e. post the time is six weeks

  • So the answer is six weeks


How will the caller pay the fees?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
Answer: C
  • The keyword in Q6 is Fees

  • Mackie asks that how do they prefer the postage and photocopy fees so we know that the answer is coming

  • The librarian says that they accept both cash and credit card this misleads us into thinking that cash and/or credit card is the right answer

  • The librarian then goes on to say that Mackie’s sum will be small so money order will be more convenient

  • Hence C is the correct answer

Questions 7-10

Section 1
Change Audio Sources

Source 1

Source 2



L = Librarian M = Mackie
(Phone rings.)
L: Good morning, City Central library . May I help you?
M: Yes. I want to order some books and copies of articles please. You can send them to me through the post or courier, can’t you?
L: Yes, certainly. I’ll just get the form and take down some details . First your name please, sir.
M: Lester Mackie. That’s M-A-C-K-I-E.
L: Mackie, Lester. And your membership number. .
M: That’s M 301 .
L: M 930…
M: 274 9 301 274 .
L: Thank you. Now your address please. That’s the address you want us to send the items to.
M: It’s 17 Westmead Road, Annandale.
L: And could I have your phone number and your fax number please?
M: Yes. The fax number is eight .
L: 863 5923.
M: That’s correct. The daytime phone number is oh two five seven nine six three six three and after 5:00 p.m. it’s 5791857 before you hear the rest of the conversation you have some time to look at questions four to six now listen carefully and answer questions four to six .
L: Now may I ask why you’ll be needing the books? I’m sorry about this, but we have to have this information whenever we send books out from a telephone request .
M: No problem. I’m preparing a short article for the environment watch section of the local newspaper. We’re quite concerned about the prob¬lems we’re facing here now, especially since we’ve been getting so many tourists in the district .

L: Oh I know. I’m so glad someone is doing something about publicizing the problem.
M: Now how long can I keep the books for?
L: Well, as you know our normal loan period is three weeks with a two week extension over the phone. However, in cases where we send books out by post we allow a longer initial loan period to allow for the delivery time. So you may have the books for six weeks from the date of postage . But I’m afraid the two-week extension won’t apply then. However, you would be able to renew them by bringing them in for stamping , provided no one else has a reserve on them.
M: I should think the normal period will be enough. Now how do you prefer the postage and photocopy fees to be paid?
L: We accept both cash and credit card , but it will be such a small sum it might be more convenient to send us a money order.

M: Hm. Would it be alright if I left it until I come in next time and mat pay cash then?
L: Of course. There’s no problem with that at all.
M: Shall I tell you the articles I want copied first?
L: Good. I’ve got all that down. Now perhaps we could go on to the books. You tell me the books you need and I’ll tell you whether we have them immediately available or whether you’ll have to wait a bit for them, alright? The details I’ll need are the author, the publication date and the title of the book. Is that OK?okay M: Yes, no problem at all. Um, the first one is by holt worth , published in 1978. It’s called Land and Water Resources of australia .
L: Hm. Yes. We have that available on the shelves.
M: Good. Now the next two are both government publications. The first one is rather old, published in 1984 . That’s Land Degradation in Aus¬tralia , but the second one is more recent. That’s Coastal Zone Inquiry Report from 1993.
L: I’m afraid we don’t have the first one. We’d have to get that from the government archives for you, but the second one, the later one, has hist, come in so I’ll put that aside for you.
M: Wonderful. Now there are three more. Two rather old books, but they’re standard works so you probably have them. Environmental Law by Fisher, and Environmental Chemistry by Raiswell. They were both published in 1980 .

L: Yes, we do have both those texts. Environmental Law should be on the shelf, but Environmental chemistry is out on loan at the moment. I’ll put that on reserve for you.
M: Right. And the last one is The Environment impact of Travel and Tourism by M. Bums and Associates, 1989 .
L: (slowly) Burns, Environment Impact… No I’m sorry we don’t have that, I’ll have to use the inter-library loan service and get it in for you.
M: Oh. How long is that likely to take?
L: Well, it really depends where we can get it. If it’s available locally it shouldn’t take more than a few days, but if we have to send overseas for it, it could be rather a while. We’ll do our best to hurry it up.