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IELTS Practice Test Volume 6 Speaking Practice Test 2

Question list

  • Do people in your country wear sunglasses?

  • Do you like to wear sunglasses?

  • Do you often wear sunglasses?

  • Where do you buy sunglasses?

  • Describe a present you have given someone.

    You should say:

    • Who you gave it to
    • What kind of present it was
    • How it compared to other presents you have given

    Explain why you decided to give this particular gift.

  • What is the purpose of gift giving?

  • How has gift giving changed since your grandparents’ time? How?

  • How important is gift giving in a relationship?

  • What is more important when it comes to giving a gift, cost or effort? Why?

  • Do you think that people have become more materialistic when it comes to giving gifts, as compared to your grandparents’ time?

  • How has modern technology changed the nature of gift giving? How?

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