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IELTS Practice Test Volume 6 Speaking Practice Test 1

Question list

  • How often do you run?

  • Where do you run?

  • Is running a good exercise?

  • Do you run more now than you did you in the past?

  • Describe a person who has influenced you to do better in your life.

    You should say:

    who this person is

    how you know him/her

    what this person does

    and explain how this person has influenced you to do better in life.

  • What type of people influence the young in your country?

  • Why is it important to have role models?

  • Do you think the education system in your country influences young people’s behaviour?

  • What type of person (parents, teachers, friends etc) are best to influence young people’s behaviour?

  • What do you think young people will be most influenced by in the future?

  • Who do you believe have more influence on young children - parents or teachers? Why?

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