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IELTS Practice Test Volume 3 Speaking Practice Test 1

Question list

  • Why don't we talk about the artwork in your home?

  • Can you describe some of the artwork in your home?

  • Where did your family acquire such art pieces?

  • Would you like to change the artwork in any way? How?

  • Let's move on to talk about tress.

    Does your neighbourhood have many trees?

  • Have you ever planted, climbed, or looked after a tree?

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of trees?

  • Let's talk about watching movies.

    Do you often watch movies? Where?

  • What sort of movies do you like? Why?

  • What do you think are the advantages of cinemas?

  • Have you ever watched a movie on the Internet?

  • Describe an interesting teacher from secondary school.

    You should talk about:

    - the school and the subject involved

    - what this person looked like why this person was interesting

    and what eventually happened to this person.

  • Teaching

    Do you think teaching is an easy job? Why (not)?

  • What qualities are needed for effective teaching?

  • Do you think female teachers, in some ways, are better? Why (not)?

  • What are the advantages of teaching, as a profession?

  • Technology and Teaching

    What sort of technology do school children now carry?

  • What sort of technology is used in the classroom itself?

  • Have there been any recent technological innovations that you know of?

  • Do you think technology could one day replace teachers?

  • Learning Styles

    What sort of learning styles do you think there are?

  • Do you thinks females learn in different ways to males? How?

  • What sort of people do you think are better at learning languages?

  • Would you say single-gender schools might be better than schools where the genders are mixed?

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