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IELTS Practice Test Volume 2 Speaking Practice Test 2

Question list

  • Why don't we talk about the nightlife in your hometown?

  • Does your hometown have an interesting nightlife? Why (not)?

  • Have you sometime been involved in this nightlife? In what way?

  • Are there any dangers associated with this nightlife?

  • Let's move on to talk about shopping for groceries.

    How often do you shop for food and groceries? Why?

  • Do you prefer supermarkets, markets, or small shops? Why?

  • What do you think of the quality and cost of the goods?

  • Let's talk about rivers.

    Have you spent much time near rivers? Why (not)?

  • Do you like rivers? Why (not)?

  • Is the river/stream/creek in your hometown nice? In what way?

  • How could that place be improved?

  • Describle a time when you lost something important.

    You should talk about:

    - where and when this happened

    - how you lost this item

    - how you reacted afterwards

    and your feelings about this event now.

  • Do you think it is easier to lose things these days?

  • What systems can people use to ensure they don't lose things?

  • Do you feel life is becoming too complicated for most people?

  • Finding Enough Time

    Do you think there is enough time to properly do things?

  • What are the bad effects of not having enough time?

  • Is lack of time a problem in your society (e.g. at work or at home)?

  • How can we make more time to do things?

  • Technology and Time

    How does technology help save time?

  • Do you think some technology only wastes time? What? In what way?

  • Is social networking technology (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) an effective use of time?

  • How do you think this technology will develop in the future?

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